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The Grampian Club Sub-series
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Photos of individual members

Electronic folder entitled "photos of individual members". Includes covers of orders of service for funerals/services of thanksgiving for Gordon Small, 2011; June Cockburn (and press clipping of death announcement), 2013; Dr Kathleen Watson MBE, 2003; Margaret Boggon 2011; Peter Spencer 2013; Dorothy Jones, 2012; and photograph of Kathleen Watson on her 90th birthday, 2002.

James F. Anton Photographs

Digitised photographs relating to James F. Anton. 1 electronic folder contains scans of sheet identifying photographs compiled by Lorne Anton. 2 electronic folders of scans of photographs (Volumes 1 & 2).

Jubilee History

Electronic folder containing scans of Jubilee History written by Colin Gibson

Bulletin Index

Grampian Club Bulletin Index - at June 2016. Index to issues of the Grampian Club Jounral (1937) and Bulletin (1954-2016)

Grampian Club newsletters

Grampian Club newsletters 1949-2014. Run complete with the following exceptions:1949 January and February missing;1950 January February and October missing;1951 May missing;1952 all except March missing; 1953 January and February missing;1957 November and December missing;1970- all except May missing;1971-1974 all missing;1975 January, February, August missing;1978 all except January, March and May missing;1987 January missing;1991 April missing;1992 November missing;1998 September missing;2003 September, November, December missing; 2009 July, August missing; 2014 July, August missing; Includes summaries of newsletters held. Some Day Meet programmes included.

Other photographs

Miscellaneous photographs relating to the Grampian Club, including members' photographs

Jubilee Meet: Mayar

Photographs. Jubilee Meet: Mayar. Photographs taken by Jack Forrest onKilbo Path and John McDowell
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