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Torrance Collection Sub-series
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A box of lantern slides

A group of lantern slides some produced commercially by the American Colony Photo. Dept., Matson Photo Service and G. Raad, others appear to have been taken by Dr D.W. Torrance, Dr H.W. Torrance and others and are earlier, possibly 19th Century. Dated slides are from 1926 and 1927 but others are earlier possibly 19th Century. Themes include bibilial scenes, customs, medical conditions, flowers and family pictures. Particular places illustrated include in the Middle East: Baaklin, Bethsaida, Capernaum, Dead Sea, Jerusalem, Kirjath, Jearim, Lake Galilee, Lake Meron, Mount Hermon, Mount of Ormar, Nazareth, Nazardine (Nazaradeen), Tiberias, Valley of the Pigeons and Zarepta. [125]. 1-57 housed in original lantern box - damaged. 58-105 - many housed in original lantern plate boxes.

Torrance family

Additonal photographs, not part of the original deposit

Subjects include flooding in Tiberias, aircraft, medical conditions and fishing. Places depicted include Ajlun, Ashdod, Bethlehem, Capernaum, Egypt, Es Salt, Gaza, Gibralter, Haifa, Irbid, Jaffa, Jericho, Jerusalem, Lachish, Lake Galilee, Nazardine, Petra, Piraeus, Pompeii, Safed, Suez, Tabgha, Thebes, Tiberias, Tul Keran. Dated photographs are between 1922 and 1946. Identified individuals include Kussise Abdalla, Dr Adderley, Sister Frieda , Miss Ferguson, Mr Glaser, Mrs Frieda Grossman, Miss Henry, Miss Lee, Dr William McLEan, Nurse Nahama, Miss Rosie, Nurse Zareefeh Saluba, Rev. George Sloan, Dr Herbert W. Torrance, Mrs Irma Torrance, Dr Weir, Dr and Mrs Wright. [108]. Numbers MS38/1/13/97-MS38/1/13/108 scenes of severe damage following flooding in Tiberias in 1934 and [1938].

Torrance family

Box of miscellaneous transparencies.

Subjects include birds and animals, maps and title slides. Dated slides are between 1955 and 1975. Commercial photographs are by Hans Hertz Colour, Hi Fi, B.L. Services & Supplies, Israel Colour Slides, Israel in Colour, Matson Photo Service and National Geographic Magazine. Individual photographers include Mr [ ] Baber, Charles [McLean], Dr [Peter] Green, [ ] Lonn, [ ] Lunen, Sister [Augusta] Steller. [188]

Torrance family

Collection of transparencies of trees, flowers and shrubs

Taken by Dr H.W. Torrance and Sister [Augusta] Steller between 1962 and 1976 though some undated slides may be earlier. Flower specimens come from the Eastern Mediterranean region and from the U.K. A few commercially produced slides are by Hi Fi Colour Slides, Israel Colour Slides and Matson Photo Service. [147]

Torrance family

Five books

Each containing 16 post cards with views of India, mostly Agra and Delhi. From the tour of India.

Torrance family

Miscellaneous loose notebooks and papers.

Notebook: Rules regulating the attitude of a nurse towards the patient; notebook: 'Essay on Mohammedanism' by H.W. Torrance, July 1914; printed leaflet; Manual for Stewards - Judaica; copy of article about the cholera epidemic in Tiberias in 1902, October 1970; printed leaflet: Bamidgeh, Bulletin of Fish Culture in Israel, December 1966; letter, 23 July 1969, to Dr and Mrs Torrance from David Ben-Mann, postcard: mosaic floor showing loaves and fishes, Tabgha, n.d.; print of [Tiberias on Lake Galilee] n.d.; Printed booklet: Flowers of the Holyland; [13] photographs of sycamore tree near Tiberias and [3] negatives, 19 November 1951; cutting: Scottish Daily Mail, 21 September 1962, 'The Seventy Good Years' on Dr H.W. Torrance and his work in Tiberias [2 copies]; cutting: The Jerusalem Post, 4 September 1962, 'Scots Doctors served in Galilee'.

Torrance family

Notebook mainly on snakes and scorpions.

Cuttings related to snake and insect bites; extract from ITV Times, 26 April 1970, on snakes; letter, 21 August 1967, from Dr H. Alistair Reid, University of Liverpool, to Dr H.W. Torrance on snake bite; memorandum by [Dr H.A. Reid], January 1967, on snakebite.

Torrance family


Containing notes dated from 1929-1941 covering the parables, sermons, miscellaneous comments on manners, customs, animals, plants and birds.

Torrance family

Notebooks on locusts and birds

Notebooks on locusts including the swarms of 1930 and 1947, and birds including a handlist of the birds of Palestine. 1946.

Torrance family

Papers relating to life in Palestine

Typescripts of (15) articles possibly written by Dr H. W. Torrance on a variety of subjects relating to life in Palestine, including flora, fauna, the bible and local culture. [No date]

Torrance family


Taken mostly by Herbert Torrance on a tour of India, and the Far East with his wife Irma and daughters Julie and Lydia. Includes visit to Herbert's sisters: Lydia Torrance Allen [a surgeon in Calcutta]; and Marjorie whose husband was Superintendent of the Venture Estate in South India owned by Malayalam Plantations Limited. [Travancore], Summer 1936.

Torrance family

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