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Reports with marks in subjects of mathematics, applied maths, geography, science, engineering, French, history and English. Also notices of leave regulations, visiting times for cadets' relations, and Order of Service for the confirmation of David and other candidates from the College


Microscope images of different aerogenes in relation to the demonstration of capsules and loose slime

Fimbriate bacteria

Microscope images demonstrating that fimbriate bacteria adhere to intestinal cells, plant root hairs and fungal hyphae


Microscope images of microorganisms with their descriptions, concerning the adhesive fimbriae of bacteria and their action in causing hemagglutination


Microscope images of the shrunken residue of droplets less than 0.1mn in diameter, and a drawing explaining their stay airborne and inhalable


Photographs and tables demonstrating the action of penicillin in preventing the formation of outer and cross-walls of bacteria and the effect of penicillin on the growth of B Coli and on a growing anthrax bacillus

Waterways of France

(1) Carte de la Saone de Saint-Jean-de Losne a Corre, 1954
(2) The inland waterways of France and 'showing the more important waterways of Belgium and Holland, 1959
(3) Carte de la Haute-Seine de Paris a Montereau, 1960
(4) Carte de la Saone de Lyon a Saint-Jean-de Losne, 1963
(5) Carte de la Seine de Paris a la Mer par le canal de Tancarville, 1964
(6) Carte de la Marne de son confluent a Epernay, 1964

South Africa, 1961-1969

Guides; concert programmes; musical programmes; information leaflets; event leaflets; hotel menu; ballet programme; newspapers; invitations.

Scrap books

(1) Scrapbook of news cuttings featuring Sharp, 1962-1965
(2) 'Ethels’ scrapbook’: digitised news cuttings featuring Sharp, 1962-1975

Letters to Ethel Foote

Personal letters from Sharp to his birth mother, Ethel Foote, including unopened and returned letter addressed to Harry Craig. Also envelope containing letter and photographs of Sharp's house and children in Los Angeles
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