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‘Improper connection’

(1) Draft screenplay by Sean Damer about the trial of Madeline Smith with accompanying letter, 2010
(2) Scenes in the City Chamber with accompanying letter outlining planned ending, nd
(3) Letter from Damer responding to Sharp’s comments on the script, nd

‘A Blindman on a Galloping Horse’

(1) Chapters one and two, ‘The Sabbath Seige’ and ‘The War’
(2) Chapter contents and notes
(3) Volume titled ‘Don’t Cry It’s only a Picture Show’. Inside titled ‘A Blindman on a Galloping Horse a novel of childhood’, containing chapters one, 'Summer 1944' to chapter twenty

Letter describing Sharp's illness

Letter to 'Matthew' from Sharp describing the difficulties caused by his brain tumour and how the consequence his lack of short term memory affects ‘our present project but also my whole future as a viable writer in my profession’

Professional correspondence

(1) Notebook of copy or draft letters by Sharp to Stevie Lee, Colin Beeby, Stephen Batt and others, nd
(2) Letter re accompanying letter requesting Sharp respond to the highlighted comments the radio play, ‘Tess of the D’Urbervilles’, 2001
(3) Letter from the BBC concerning tax on Sharp’s fee, 5 April 2002
(4) Letter from Patricia Kavanagh relating to Sharp’s novels, 17 May 2004
(5) Letters [4] from Susie Tarr about the development of the Tom Mix project, one noting that they mustn’t have Johnny Depp as ‘Tom’, 2004
(6) Email printout from Jon Eskenas confirming meeting with Bessie Pender, April 2007. Also copies of cuttings about Pender’s story, 1995-2002
(7) Letter from Phillipa relating thoughts of Toa about Alan’s treatment of a film about Island life and relationship with Traders, nd. Also Wikki printout about Kilikiti, Samoan cricket, April 2007
(8) 2 x email printouts relating to the property at Tighnabruaich, April 2007
(9) Email print out from Marilyn Milgrom concerning proposed project ‘Run but you Can’t Hide’, 2010
(10) Letter to Alan which accompanied an unknown draft screenplay, with draft letter on reverse by Sharp to Fiona/Don giving opinion of ‘Doubtful [Soud?], 2010
(11) Unsigned agreement between the New Zealand Film Commission and Alan Sharp, 2011

Waterways of France

(1) Carte de la Saone de Saint-Jean-de Losne a Corre, 1954
(2) The inland waterways of France and 'showing the more important waterways of Belgium and Holland, 1959
(3) Carte de la Haute-Seine de Paris a Montereau, 1960
(4) Carte de la Saone de Lyon a Saint-Jean-de Losne, 1963
(5) Carte de la Seine de Paris a la Mer par le canal de Tancarville, 1964
(6) Carte de la Marne de son confluent a Epernay, 1964

‘Rob Roy’

(1) Fourth draft screenplay for United Artists Corporation Ltd, 16 June 1994, including revisions of 23 July 1994
(2) 7 marketing posters for the film featuring different scenes, 1996
(3) Marketing programme, 1995


(1) Draft outline and scenes, nd
(2) Untitled typescript screenplay, parts 1 and 2, nd
(3) Untitled draft screenplay [in 2 notebooks], nd
(4) ‘Dissolution’ draft screenplay 'from the novel by CS Sansam' (sic), nd
(5) Notes on motivation and plot, nd
(6) 60'_Dissolution_-_4th_draft_-_part_one.fdx [inaccessible]

Electronic screenplays [inaccessible]

Pierre folder of 6 fdr documents
brautigan.fdr and brautigan2.fdr
marker2.fdr and marker2008.fdr
revere.fdr, revere1.fdx, revereJan15.fdx, reverejan9.fdr

‘Damnation Alley’

(1) Screenplay for Twentieth Century Fox, May 12 1976, enclosing
(2) Call sheet, 22 July 1976 and
(3) Provenance of the screenplay which was bought by Brian Hoyle and gifted to the Archive, 2013

'The President's Child'

(1) Untitled Acts 1-IV [incomplete] screenplay, nd
(2) Screenplay 'based on the book by Fay Weldon' nd
(3) Memorandum of notes from Granada Television on Sharp’s script Acts I-IV, July 1991
(4) Memorandum of notes from Granada Television on Sharp’s second draft script, August 1991
(5) Draft outlines of Act One-Four and Act One- Seven

‘Above the mountain’

(1) First draft screenplay for Citadel Entertainment, April 1991
(2) [Fax?] rough draft on ‘Robeson notes’ sent from Judy Ranan to David R Ginsberg/Tom Patricia, July 24 1991, with relevant copies of the hearings by the Committee on Un-Amercian Activities
(3) [Fax?] from Judy Ranan to Alan Sharp of outline divided in to seven acts, 26 July 1991

‘Naples 44’

(1) Notes on how to approach the project, nd
(2) Draft screenplay 'based on the memoir by Norman Lewis', nd
(3) Incomplete 2nd draft screenplay, 15 September 1999

‘You can't catch death’

(1) Draft screenplay 'based on the writings of Richard Brautigan', nd
(2) Draft screenplay 'based on the writings of Richard and Ianthe Brautigan', nd
(3) Draft screenplay 'based on the writings of Ianthe and Richard Brautigan', nd
(4) Pages of draft screenplay 'based on the writings of Richard Brautigan and Ianthe Brautigan', nd
(5) Electronic documents: brautigan.fdr and brautigan2.fdr [inaccessible]

'Dark fire'

(1) Draft screenplay, nd
(2) Dark Fire electronic folder: 60’_Dark_Fire_-_Part_Two.fdx; DARK FIRE-1st Draft-Part One.fdx; Dark Fire outline.fdx; Darkfire.fdx

‘Burning in Heaven’/ ‘Burns’ [working title]

(1) 'Burns' electronic folder: Burns Script draftvadim.fdr; burns
Script draftvadim.pdf ‘Burning in Heaven’ screenplay, 10 February 2004;
burns.pdf 'Burns' screenplay, 28 July 2003;
BURNSJAN17.pdf ‘Burning in Heaven’ screenplay, 10 February 2004;
BURNSMAR09.pdf ‘Burning in Heaven’ screenplay, 10 February 2004;
BurnsOct09.pdf ‘Burns’ screenplay, October 2009;
Vadim Notes.pdf Burns (working title) – Director’s Vison and Director’s Treatment of Sample Scenes by Vadim Jean, May 2005;
Vadim.doc Partial note to Vadim re requested changes, nd
(2) ‘Burns’ cast of characters, chronology, prologue, Clarina-Sylvander chronology and draft storyline, nd
(3) Burning in Heaven screenplay, 28 July 2003
(4) ‘Burns’ screenplay, 30 January 2004
(5) Untitled Burns screenplay [2004]
(6) 'Burns (working title) – Director’s Vison by Vadim Jean', May 2005
(7) Director’s Treatment of Sample Scenes for ‘Burns’, Vadim Jean [2 copies], 26 June 2005

‘A Thousand Calvaries’

(1) Outline, pp 35-42 of the massacre in the story, nd
(2) ‘A Thousand Calvaries, A Storyline by Alan Sharp', nd
(3) Second draft revision, annotated screenplay, 17 August 2005
(4) Notes on the culture, history, people and politics of Rwanda , nd

‘The Fifth Quarter’

(1) ‘The 5th Quarter extended', unfinished draft screenplay, nd
(2) ‘The Fifth Quarter’ teleplay, pink revised, 14 November 2005
(3) Turner Network Television pack for 'Nightmares & Dreamscapes from the Stories of Stephen King' with publicity shots, cast and crew lists and interviews for each episode, including Sharp’s ‘The Fifth Quarter’, 2006

‘Ties that Bind’

(1) Website downloads relating to Chicago Police Dept., racial incidents, crime statistics, 26 June 2006
(2) Family tree of characters, nd
(3) Storyline and character synopsis based on material supplied by Bill Haber [2 x copies], nd
(4) First draft teleplay based on a story by Bill Haber, 26 April 2007
(5) Copy of email re the series, 27 April 2007
(6) ‘Party Politics’ story line of first episode, nd
(7) Ties that bind electronic folder:
ties that bind.doc Characters outline [unfinished], nd;
Ties That Bind.fdr [inaccessible];
TTB Ep01 04 May09.pdf teleplay Episode One – Jamie, nd;
TTB Ep02 first bit.pdf teleplay Episode Two – Frank, nd

‘Grinning at the Lid’

(1) ‘Grinning at the Lid screenplay by Alan Sharp and Stephen Batt’, nd
(2) Oklahoma City Bombing electronic folder: A true betrayal.fdr; A True Betrayal.fdx; A True Betrayal.txt; A true betrayal08.fdr; A True Betrayal1.fdr; Grinatlid112906.fdr;
Grinning at the lid – Stephen Batt & Alan Sharp.doc ‘Grinning at the Lid’ A screenplay by Stephen Batt & Alan Sharp, November 2008;
Grinning at the lid – Stephen Batt & Alan Sharp.doc ‘Grinning at the Lid’ A screenplay by Stephen Batt & Alan Sharp, November 2008;
Grinning at the lid – Stephen Batt & Alan Sharp.txt;
GrinningattheLid.docm Untitled screenplay, nd;
GrinningattheLid.rtf Untitled screenplay, nd;
GrinningattheLid.txt Untitled screenplay, nd
[.fdx and .fdr documents inaccessible]
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