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The Grampian Club Series
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Editor's records

Correspondence and notes relating to the Grampian Club Journal

The Grampian Club

Electronic records

Scanned copy of jubilee history, 1987; images of members; 2002-2013; material relating to James F. Anton; c 2012- c2018; Photographs relating to James F. Anton c 1929-2016; "Grampian Club Photos - events - locations", c 1929-c 2003; Bulletin Index, 2016.

The Grampian Club

Hut records

Annual Reports, 1961-2003; Plans and Specifications, 1961-1993; Visitors' books, 1962-2002; Miscellaneous papers, 1962-2004 The Grampian Club became tenants of Inbhirfhaolain Cottage in Glen Etive, which was owned by the Forestry Commission, in June 1961. After many years of persuasion the Forestry Commission agreed to sell the hut to the Club for £15,000. A hut custodian was appointed in 1966. The club also owns Newton Cottage, Torridon

The Grampian Club

Library records

Annual reports, 1930-1999; Library catalogues, 1929-1998; Library financial records, 1964-1971

The Grampian Club


Eric Maxwell's maps of Great Britain 1870-1972; Eric Maxwell's International Maps 1918-c 1950s

Material used in Exhibitions

Material displayed in Grampian Club exhibitions, 1927-c 2007; Other items relating to exhibitions, 1927-2009

The Grampian Club

Meet Secretary's records

Meet lists, 1929-1988; 1928-2000; Meet Secretary's record books, 1945-1981; Meet reports, 1927-1996; Meet Secretary's information books, 1930; Meet Secretary's cash books, 1962-1978; Meet files newsletters, correspondence regarding transport, hospitality etc, 1965-2002; Weekend meet folders, 1987-1993; Weekend meet files, 1993-2004; Day and weekend meet files, 1948-2009; Meet information and paperwork , c 2002-c 2005; Lists of planned meets, 1961-2003

The Grampian Club


Annual Dinner programmes, 1927-2003; Material relating to other dinners and events, 1929-2006; Miscellaneous memorabilia, c 1927-c 1990s

The Grampian Club


Photograph Albums, 1927-2002; Photographs of Meets and Climbs, c 1927-c 2002; Photographs of Club Officers, 1966-c 1977; Photographs of Club Dinners, 1934-1989; Photographs of Club Properties, 1961- c 1999; Other Photographs, 1930s-c 2017

The Grampian Club


Journals and anthologies. 1937-1989; the Grampian Club Bulletin, 1954-2018; Christmas cards and calendars, 1942-1985; articles and responses to legislation, c 2001-c 2004; other publications, c 1944-2010; newsletters, 1984-2017

The Grampian Club

Records Compiled by Members

Frank G. Young's climbing records, 1895-1958; Eric Maxwell's records, 1924-1967; Diaries and correspondence relating to J. H. B. Bell, 1925-1989 ; John Watson's diaries and notebooks 1946-2001; Other records compiled by members and kept by club archivist, 1951-2015; Alf Fox's records c 1954-c 2008

The Grampian Club

Records of meetings and members

Reports for the AGM. Bundles include reports from the council, treasurer, meet secretary, librarian, hut custodian and other relevant papers, 1928-2018; minutes, 1927-2015; Membership information, 1953-c 2017; Membership lists 1969-c 2004

The Grampian Club

Secretary's records and other club correspondence

General correspondence, 1946-c 2002; annual Dinners and social events; 1974-2001; other papers retained by the secretary, 1936-2005; circulars and newsletters, 1927-2013; applications for membership 1966-2016; other club correspondence 1983-1984

The Grampian Club

Treasurer's records

Accounts., 1950-2012; Cash books, 1927-1958; Miscellaneous financial records, 1967-2002

The Grampian Club