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Mary Lund student photographs

  • UR-STU 9
  • Collection
  • 1970-1974
Scanned copies of students outside West Park Hall, 1972-1973; colour image of students outside West Park Hall 1970-1971; colour image of students outside Belmont Hall 1973-1974; Students outside West Park Hall 1971-1972.

Mary Lund

Bert Barnett photographic collection

  • UR-STU 8
  • Collection
  • 1964-1968
CD of digital photographs of Bert Barnett and fellow architecture students including those taken in the Art College, 1967-1968, canteen, miscellaneous images 1964-1966 and 'Sleepy People' , a college band at rehearsals featuring Ric Russell and Dick Cannon amongst others; 2 printed emails giving a brief history of Bert's time at Art College and a list of captions for the photographs.

Bert Barnett

Hugh Pincott photographic collection

  • UR-STU 7
  • Collection
  • 1960 - 2016
Digital copies of photographs taken by Hugh Pincott and others covering his time as a student in Dundee Quote from Pincott email of 13/9/2016: ....Although not labelled individually, the b/w images can be identified from the file title and reference to NPTTL [Nine Pints to the Law, the Hugh Pincott autobiography,(2016)]....B/W folder 85 contains images that were extracted from sections 36 to 49 (mainly June 1964). They were selected for a special project which I believe was to provide pics of Old Dundee to decorate a friend's pub in Nelson Street. It would be a bit time-consuming to fit them back into original positions.'

Dr Hugh Pincott

Alex S Davie

  • UR-STU 6
  • Collection
  • 1931-1936
Notebook labeled "Midwifery and Gynaecology (Lectures & Clinics)". Includes notes on topics such as: the reproductive organs, the pathology of pregnancy, induction of premature labour. Also includes seven loose sheets such us diagrams of skulls and notes on the breach position.

Alex S Davie

James Fergusson McKellican

  • UR-STU 5
  • Collection
  • 1961-1964
Medical Year Book and certificates

James Fergusson McKellican

May Wilson Bowman Photograph Album

  • UR-STU 4
  • Collection
  • c 1929-1930
Album and Digitised photographs showing opening of Younger Hall, St Andrews and award of honorary degree to Duchess of York (later Queen Elizabeth), the rectorial of Sir Wilfred Thomason Grenfell and the graduation of 1930

May Wilson Bowman

Kate Stewart Fraser papers

  • UR-STU 3
  • Collection
  • 1903-2015
Reference for Kate Fraser as having served apprenticeship as pupil teacher at Hill Street School, 1908; Dundee School Board Leaving certificate for central classes as pupil teacher, 1903; photographs of Kate Scott nee Fraser and family c1910s-c 1940s; St. Andrews Provinical Committtee for the Training of Teachers St. Andrews and Dundee Training Centre certificate for Kate Stewart Fraser 1909; Business Card for K. S. Scott c 1920s; University College, Dundee class certificate for Kate S. Fraser signed by H Durlac, 1907; Death notice for Kate Stewart Scott, 1974; graduation photograph 1909; letter from Silvie Taylor to Kenneth Baxter concerning these items.

Kate Stewart Fraser

David Hitchcock album

  • UR-STU 2
  • Collection
  • 1960-1963
Digital copies of photographs extracted from Hitchcock's photo album, charting his time as a student at Dundee. Digital images of charities week, staff and students, flatmates in Sunshine House, exterior of Sunshine House and Hitchcock's graduation

David Hitchcock

Helen Gill Parker (nee Irons)

  • UR-STU 19
  • Collection
  • 1915-1917
(1-7) Copies of "Magazine of the Dundee Training College" Vol.X 1,2,3 Vol.X1 1, 2 and 3 and Vol. X11 1. 1915-1917 (8) Large photograph 'Outgoing Students 1917' with pictures and names of the students and staff.

Helen Gill Parker (nee Irons)

John Hamblin collection

  • UR-STU 17
  • Collection
  • 1967-1969
A copy of Gladmag, 1969; 3 student charities 'immune' badges with tags attached. The 'immune' badges were given to those who had made a donation so they were identifiable to other charity collectors; Wallet of photographs including students and charities floats [these will be scanned and the original photographs returned to Mr Hamblin]

John Hamblin

Neil Whatley Project

  • UR-STU 16
  • Collection
  • 2003
Submission for final year design show at Dundee University by Neil Whatley for his architecture degree consisting of proposed developments for Dundee Harbour, in particular the Scottish Craft Council Head Quaters and Artists Studios

Neil Whatley

Colin Macneil papers

  • UR-STU 15
  • Collection
  • 1987-1991
"Strontium Dog (A Sorry Case)" Design History 3rd Year Essay DJCAD, 1987 Essay, "Penguis Khan" 1989-1991, Richard Johnson & Colin Macneil, comic"Chopper: Soul on Fire" 4th year dissertation with art work, 1988-1989

Colin Macneil

Hailey Austin Comics Collection

  • UR-STU 14
  • Collection
  • 2018
Scripts and artwork relating to the creation and production of Chronicle: The Archive and Museum Anthology

Dr Hailey Austin

Club 66

  • UR-STU 12
  • Collection
  • 1969-2016
Documents are relating to the organisation of Club 66 reunions.

Club 66

Student Collection (generic)

  • UR-STU 11
  • Collection
  • 1973-1997
Items deposited by or relating to students of the University of Dundee.

Maurice Greig photographs

  • UR-STU 10
  • Collection
  • 1970-1973
15 digital images copied from original prints of Maurice G's time as a student in Dundee, featuring the surrounding areas of the university (Hawkhill, Belmont) other students and graduation ceremonies.

Maurice Greig

John Symington papers

  • UR-STU 1
  • Collection
  • 1954-1986
/1 Graduation photograph, 1954
/2 Reference with outline of Symington's training at Dundee College of Art, May 1954;
/3 Letter confirming Symington's employment with Valentine & Sons Ltd, September 1954;
/4 Photograph of the Queen Mother talking to Symington at her visit to Valentine's [1967];
/5 Photocopy of card produced for visit to Valentines by Princess Margaret [typography by Symington], 1985; /6 Copies of newscutting and letters [3 items] relating to card produced for the royal wedding, and lettered by Symington, 1986;
/7 Photograph of Symington at his drawing board and the Lord Provost, nd;
/8 Photograph of display of posters and merchandise designs by Symington [1950s]

John T Symington

Dr H. B. Goodall

  • UR-SF 94
  • Collection
  • 1944
/1 R.A.M. C School of Instruction (C. W) Lecture Notes, July 1944
/2 Dundee Royal Infirmary, Military Wards, Casualty Reception Arrangements etc, 15 July 1944

Dr H. B. Goodall

Karen Tosh collection

  • UR-SF 93
  • Collection
  • 1886 - 1939
Anatomy: Descriptive and Topographical, 1866
The Diseases of Women, 1882
A General Textbook of Nursing, 1937
Surgery for Nurses and Surgical Nursing, 1938
Surgery for Nurses, 1938
Medicine for Nurses, 1939
The Family Physician, vols 1 & 5

Karen Tosh

Sue Roff

  • UR-SF 91
  • Collection

Sue Roff

Dr Alastair R. Ross papers

  • UR-SF 90
  • Collection
  • 20th-21st century
The collection includes photographs of his architectural work, portrait heads, slightly abstract figures and full figure studies including works such as Aurora, Sir Malcolm Innes (Lord Lyon King of Arms) and the "Spirit of Scotland" award. Also photographs of Ross in his studio, at events and exhibitions, including photos taken by Joseph McKenzie in 1966. Photographs of his religious works such as 'Head of Christ' and 'Madonna and Christchild.' There are also ephemera relating to his exhibitions such as the One-man Retrospective, University of Abertay 2003 plus correspondence with various people, newscuttings and journals from The Royal Society of British Sculptors.

Dr Alastair R. Ross

Sir Patrick Geddes, Professor of Botany, University College, Dundee 1888-1919

  • UR-SF 9
  • Collection
  • 1884-2004
Photocopies of documents from the Sir Patrick Geddes collection held at the University of Strathclyde, relating to his period at University College, Dundee; 'Note on Draft Plan for Institute of Geography', and 'Nature Study and Geographical Education', by Sir Patrick Geddes; taken from the Scottish Geographical Magazine, Vol. 18, 1902. [Photocopy]; 'A Naturalists' Society and its Work', Parts 1 and 2; taken from the Scottish Geographical Magazine, Vol. 19, 1903. DVD 2004

Sir Patrick Geddes

Chris Murray Comics Collection

  • UR-SF 89
  • Collection
  • 1973-2013
Duplicates of superhero comics, 2000AD, and UK based comics.

Professor Chris Murray

Michael Bolik DC comics

  • UR-SF 88
  • Collection
  • 1951-1972
Comics collected by Michael Bolik, a previous staff member. Comics of note include the first 6 issues of Steve Ditko's Hawk and Dove, Jack Kirby's move to DC in Superman's Pal Jimmy Olsen, the beginning issues of Teen Titans, and Lois Lane as a centaur in Superman's Girlfriend Lois Lane. Action Comics (~no 333-411, 1966-1972); Adventure Comics (no ~334-403, 1965-1971); Aquaman (no 21 and 44, 1965 and 1969); The Atom (No. 13 and 38, 1964 and 1968); Batman (~No.178-228, 1966-1971); Brave and Bold (~No. 80- 94, 1968-1971); Detective Comics (No. 386, 1969); Flash (~No. 158-210, 1966-1971); The Forever People (No 1,2,6, 1971-1972); Green Lantern (~No. 38-77, 1965-1970); Hawk and Dove (No. 1-6, 1968-1969); Hawkman (No. 9 and 12, 1965-1966); House of Mystery (No. 148 and 193, 1965-1971); House of Secrets (No. 77 and 80, 1966); The Adventures of Jerry Lewis (No. 124, 1971); Justice League of America (~No.47-88, 1966-1971); Metamorpho (No. 10, 1967); Mister Miracle (No. 1, 1971); The New Gods (No. 1, 1971); Our Fighting Forces (No.131 and 133, 1971); The Phantom Stranger (No. 10, 1970); Showcase (No. 75, and 88-90, 1968-1970); The Spectre (No. 1, 1967); Super DC Giant (No. S-25, 1971); Superboy (~No. 121-184, 1965-1972); Superman (~No. 186-240, 1966-1971); Superman's Girlfriend Lois Lane (~No. 65-111, 1966-1971); Superman's Pal Jimmy Olsen (~No. 89-146, 1965-1972); Teen Titans (~No. 2-36, 1966-1971); World's Finest (~No. 149-205 ,1965-1971); Wonder Woman (No. 166, 181, 182, and 187, 1966-1970) The annuals include The Broons and Oor Wullie (2011), TV Tornado Annual (ND c. 1960s), 2 bound Little Sheriff Comics (No. 3- 4, Vol.3 No. 7-9 c1951), and 2 Okay Adventure annuals (c. 1956).

Michael Bolik

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