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The Glasite Church
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'A paraphase on the Book of Job'

Copy of observations of William Lyon, with later copy of 'a letter sent to Catherine [?], Montrose', 1856 Inscribed 'Albert F Sandeman Galashiels'

'A Treatise on Redemption in four parts'

Noted that the Treatise was first written 1762-3 and transcribed in 1794 by James Allen of Gayle, Yorkshire. Annotation: 'Evidently copied by GH of Dundee'.
Contains transcribed correspondence, 1762-1766, the majority to James Allen in Yorkshire. Correspondents include James Allen, Newby and Gayle; Robert Sandeman, Edinburgh and London; John Glas, Dundee; John Barnard, London; Thomas Brooke, Paisley; Edward 'Gorrill' [Gorell], 'Hazleham' [Hazlehall]; Thomas Sandeman, Perth; James Cargill; Andrew Oliphant; Edward Foster, Boston, Massachusetts.
Also contains transcription of biography taken from the Caledonian Magazine and Review, 1784, of Benedict Arnold, highlighting the fact that while on the pro-independence side he targeted Sandemanians in a number of locations because of their loyalist stance.

Accounts of Meeting House, Barony Street, Edinburgh

(1) 'F' Cash book listing income, such as 'Door Money' and cash payments, such as 'For Poor', 1891-1913
(2) Cash book 'F' listing payments such as 'coals' and income such as 'Fellowship', 1894-1908
(3) Cash book listing payments such as 'servants' wages', with main income being 'Fellowship', 1909-1922
(4) Account book 'D' with sections for the Building and Poor funds, 1914-1940
(5) Account book of 'Fellowship' income and monthly expenses, 1922-1938
(6) Barony Street Church, Edinburgh. Ledger: 'Building Fund.' Contains a government notice about restrictions on gas use, 1929-1940
(7) Cash book of weekly income from the 'brethren' and expenses for the church in Edinburgh, April-December 1939. Includes 'Fuel and Lighting Order, November 1939
(8) 'Account of receipts and payments', with columns for fellowship, poor, and building, 1940-1949, with receipts for rates, utilities, and coal, 1949
(9) 'Account Book 1949-61', with columns for fellowship, poor, and building, 1949-1961, with assorted receipts for rates, donations, utilities, and repairs, 1961
(10) 'Account Book 1961-89 ', with columns for fellowship, poor, and building, with assorted receipts 1961-1989, and building society passbook, 1987-1989
(11) Insurance Policy for caretaker and domestic servant, 1935, with assorted receipts, invoices, income tax notices, land valuation papers relating to Barony Street, 1943-1953 and invoices, receipts and correspondence relating to the amenities, 1989-90

Admission to Elder's office

Correspondence, mainly concerning the ordination of George Lionel Sandeman to the office of Elder in Edinburgh, 1967, with the order of service and a copy of Crimond music and lyrics for 'The Lord's Shepherd'.
Also includes scripts for the ceremony appointing Gerard Sandeman as Elder and order of service for the ordinations of Dennis Q Sandeman in 1947 and George M Punton in 1955


(1) Brass “tune whistle” used for the initial note during hymn singing, in case
(2) Two printer’s plates of the Reverend John Glas
(3) Wooden spoon with v-shaped break in bowl
(4) Knife with bone or horn handle, made by Hilliard and Co. Sheffield
(5) Tuning fork
(6) Pitch pipe possibly used for giving note to begin hymns
(7) Ladle, probably used to serve the soup given out at church services

Assorted receipts

Rental, land tax, gas light and other receipts relating to the property at Chalmers Close

Assorted receipts

Payments made for improvements, police tax, cinders, water duty, mason's work etc for Barony Street church

Assorted receipts

Receipts for feu duty, gas light, upholstery work, light fittings, congregational income tax, police tax and water duty

Baptism notes

Draft letter by William Ferguson, with scrap and other drafts. Also published copies of 'Letter on baptism' by Nathaniel Bishop, 1848, and 'Letter, from the elders of the church in London to the elders of the churches in Glasgow and Dundee, 1884', with transcript

Barony Street legal notes

Letter addressed to George Waterston from Francis Dickson, C.A., with list of writs relating to Barony Street Chapel. Also account to the Trustees of the Glasite Church, Barony Street, Edinburgh
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