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The Glasite Church Part
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Phoenix Assurance and Insurance policies

(1) Proposals for loss or damage by fire for 'Mr Sandeman & others', 1811
(2) Conditions of insurance for the building of a chapel of one floor and gallery, in the name of Patrick Sandeman of Leith and 'for others', 1819

The number and names of Christ's disciples in the United States of America'

'The number and names of Christ's disciples in the United States of America - and the distance of their places of residence from Danbury. 17th February 1817.' Lists of male and female members and church rolls, from 1788, in: Danbury, Newtown, Newhaven, Turnbull, Stratford and Bridgeport, Connecticut; Providence, Rhode Island; Taunton, Deerfield, and Boston, Massachusetts; Gray and Portsmouth, New Hampshire; Vergennes, Shelburne, Vermont; Harpersfield, Whitesborough, and New York City, New York; Fayetteville, North Carolina.
The author mentions that New Haven, Connecticut and Portsmouth, New Hampshire once had members but that there are none there at the time of writing. Also gives list of men and women who are 'Jesus Christ's Disciples in Dundee on 29 January 1747'

Gayle Meeting House

Photograph of drawing, inscribed 'Gayle Meeting House, James Allen, Elder, see Church Roll, Hawes, Yorkshire'

Clapham chapel

Photograph of building with child and car at roadside. Inscribed on reverse: 'Sandemanian Chapel at Clapham, Yorkshire - known locally as "Faraday's Chapel" and built at expense of Edward Gorril as per "Letters & Correspondence Glass & Sandemanian". D Gorrel. 4/7 1921.'

LWS Petznick enquiry

LWS Petznick, research student, University of St Andrews requesting information about George Sandeman, Cabinet Maker, Perth. Handwritten notes by Gerard Sandeman

Patrick Cochran

Genealogical notes on the family of Cochrane, printer of Arbroath, written on the reverse of a perpetual calendar published by H. Mitchell, Edinburgh, 1796.

Discourses by JM Baxter

Contains discourses, 1864-1875, also 'In Memory of JM. Baxter,' a poem by Mr Scrimgeour, 1876, with 'Lines by G[?] Baxter on the death of his infant sister, Alison Handyside', nd, and 'Ordination of John Sandeman, Glasgow,' order of service, 1889

Copies of Glas's sermon notes

Manuscript notes of sermons by John Glas, Tealing , re-copied by Thomas F. Deacon, Newcastle, from 1877 copy made by Archibald Sandeman of Glasgow. Also dairy entries for part of 1863

WW1 sermons

2nd Ep. to the Corinthians 2nd Chap. & 14th verse with pencil annotation 'while in France during the war 1914-18 WF' Also 'Romans VIII Chap. 1st verse' marked '1914-18 W.F'

William Ferguson notebook

Contains copy sermons, verses and letters by William Lyon, George Waterston, Arthur Young and others 1772-1882. Indexed

'The Vision of the Sealed Book'

Written as five letters from 'J.G.' [John Glas] to 'G.M.' [George Miller], with further commentary on 'The Two Witnesses Prophesying in Sackcloth 1260 days... ' and 'of the Conversion of the Jews'. With instructions on how it is to be printed
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