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The Glasite Church Part
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Parish (Trusts) Scotland No. 2

Printed letter and form from the Local Government Board with declaration by George Waterston, Senior Elder, Edinburgh, to the effect that the Parish does not have a claim to any of the assets of the church.

'Roll of the Church of Perth with lists of the Scattered Brethren in connection therewith at home and abroad. Made up as at June 1848, with alterations subsequent thereto.'

Includes additional rolls for 1863, updated to 1875, for 1876, updated to 1912, and for 1912, updated to 1932. Includes a list of members present when the Perth Church closed on 14 October 1928.
Also contains 'List of Brethren who have died in the Church of Perth, 1832-1910' and 'Brethren at Arbroath and neighbourhood connected with Church at Perth', 1841-1862;
Also, 'Brethren in the East Indies connected with Church at Perth', 1835-1861 and 'Brethren in Glasgow connected with the Church of Perth', 1844-1845

Devotional poetry

Contains a compilation of poetry by a variety of authors. These include elegies for a number of deceased members, including John Glas and Robert Sandeman
Also contains loose items, 'Address of the Wisemen to the Star of Bethlehem' and 'On the death of F----S M----n, 4th March 1769'

'The Vision of the Sealed Book'

Written as five letters from 'J.G.' [John Glas] to 'G.M.' [George Miller], with further commentary on 'The Two Witnesses Prophesying in Sackcloth 1260 days... ' and 'of the Conversion of the Jews'. With instructions on how it is to be printed

Discourses, letters and diary entries

Transcriptions of discourses, letters and diary entries dating from the late 18th to the early 20th century.
Also includes congregation lists for the churches in Dundee (1902-1954), Glasgow and London (1913-1939) and a list of all the churches and their elders in 1768

Psalm 19

Discourse, 'The Heavens declare the Glory of God'

'A Treatise on Redemption in four parts'

Noted that the Treatise was first written 1762-3 and transcribed in 1794 by James Allen of Gayle, Yorkshire. Annotation: 'Evidently copied by GH of Dundee'.
Contains transcribed correspondence, 1762-1766, the majority to James Allen in Yorkshire. Correspondents include James Allen, Newby and Gayle; Robert Sandeman, Edinburgh and London; John Glas, Dundee; John Barnard, London; Thomas Brooke, Paisley; Edward 'Gorrill' [Gorell], 'Hazleham' [Hazlehall]; Thomas Sandeman, Perth; James Cargill; Andrew Oliphant; Edward Foster, Boston, Massachusetts.
Also contains transcription of biography taken from the Caledonian Magazine and Review, 1784, of Benedict Arnold, highlighting the fact that while on the pro-independence side he targeted Sandemanians in a number of locations because of their loyalist stance.

Hymn tune books

(1) Four part harmony hymn tunes. Tunes in common, long and peculiar metres, some with lyrics. Inscribed 'J Gardner'
(2) 'Tune Book Perth Glasite Meeting House 1874'. Inscribed ‘Wm G. Fairweather 20.1.1900.’

'The Book of Job with an introduction and Reflections at the end of each chapter'

Includes 'the Book of the Ecclesiastes or the Preacher, paraphrased by the Late George Scott, Weaver, Arbroath. Transcribed by Allen of Gayle, Yorkshire, 1850'
Also includes a letter from Andrew Scott, Arbroath, to George Hutton, Dundee and Dunkeld, relating to his father's manuscript, 1842, and an obituary for Andrew Scott from the Arbroath Guide, 1852

Originals and copies of letters

The correspondents include John Glas, Robert Sandeman, John Ebenezer Erskine, Dr John Boswell, Francis Archibald, William Morison, Robert Ferrier, William Sandeman, James Duff and James Morrison.
The subjects include doctrinal, congregational and personal matters, including the Sandemanians in Newhaven, Connecticut, being viewed as traitors because of their loyalty to King George III at the beginning of the American War of Independence.
Also includes list of contents, 20th century
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