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Association of Jute Spinners and Manufacturers Part
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Miscellaneous Section'

(Committees and Sub-Committees are: 'Depreciation Sub-Committee', 'Protection of Machinery Committee', 'National Defence Sub-Committee', 'Factories Act (Exemptions) Sub-Committee', 'Standards Sub-Committee', 'A.R.P. (Air Raid Protection) Committee', 'National Service (Armed Forces) Act Sub-Committee', 'Form of Contracts Sub-Committee', 'Women Doing Men's Work Sub-Committee', 'Air Raids Sub-Committee', 'General Committee and Wages and Hours Committee', 'Importation of Gunnies Sub-Committee', 'Raw Jute Supply Committee', 'Prices Advisory Committee (Yarn) and Prices Advisory Committee (Cloth)', 'Fire Precautions Committee', 'War Damage Sub-Committee', 'Motormen's Wages Sub-Committee', 'Registration for Employment Sub-Committee', 'Reserved Occupations Sub-Committee', 'Maximum Cloth Prices Committee', 'Fuel Efficiency Sub-Committee', 'Essential Work Order Sub-Committee', 'Prices Committee', 'Jute Control Advisory Committee', 'Young Workers Sub-Committee', 'Holidays with Pay Sub-Committee', 'Packaging Committee', 'Exhibition Committee', 'Costing Committee', 'Empty Bags Sub-Committee', 'Special Committee (Testimonial to Mr H.V. Bonar)', Electricity Supply Sub-Committee', 'Census of Production Committee', 'Offices Sub-Committee', 'Statistics of Trade Sub-Committee', 'Social Sub-Committee', 'Dundee Jute Goods Co-ordination Committee', 'Membership Sub-Committee', 'Dundee Linoleum Hessian Co-ordination Scheme', 'Ad Hoc Contract Clauses Committee'.

Various Sub-Committees'

(Sub-Committees are: 'Curtailment of Yarn Production', 'Rating of Machinery', 'Factories Bill', 'Special Committee (objecting to Board Trade Increases)', 'Unemployment Dole', 'Government Contracts', 'Specification (Admiralty)', 'Rating (Scotland) Bill', 'Juvenile Employment', 'Curtailment of Production', 'Minimum Price', 'Protection of Shafting and other Mill Gearing', 'Maximum Weight', 'Rating and Valuation', ' "Mond Turners" Conference', 'Home Office Factory Inspectorate', 'Hessian', 'Transport'.] Also includes report of joint meeting between representatives of the General Committee and Dr Sydney Campbell, Dundee, 30 January 1931, and minute of meeting with Mr George R. Donald, Law Agent of the Association, 20 April 1931.
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