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Mary Brooksbank
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Dundee Printers

Letters from Dundee Printers reporting no further sales of Brooksbank's books, 2 February 1972 and 18 February 1972

Mary Brooksbank

  • MS 442
  • Collection
  • 20th Century-2013
Letters and memoirs by Mary Brooksbank. Minute books of the Scottish Old Age Pensions Association to which she was Secretary. Correspondence concerning her archive.

Mary Brooksbank (1897-1978)

Mary Brooksbank fiddle playing

Audio cds of Brooksbank playing the fiddle taken from original 78 RPM discs (no's 1264-1265) [date of original recording unknown] with accompanying letter and permission form from Local Voices

Memoirs and Poetry

Poems, songs and manuscript chapters possibly for her memoir 'No Sae Lang Syne: A Tale of this City'.


Audio cds of fiddle music and accompanying paperwork

Scottish Old Age Pensions Association

Blackscroft Branch (1) Minute book of the Scottish Old Age Pensions Association, 13 February 1968 - 23 June 1972 (2) Minute book of the Scottish Old Age Pensions Association, 6 February 1937 - 3 August 1974

Several memoir chapters

Comprising 'The aftermath' describing domestic training scheme of the 1920s and Brooksbank's jobs in a Coldstream hotel and a private house in Glasgow then her return to mill work in Dundee, her parents health and attempts to educate herself, 'John Malcolm MA', describing Brooksbank's admiration for him and outlining the text of his labour movement pamphlets, plus 'A War Wedding', describing the wedding of two of her friends

Typescript of 'No Sae Lang Syne: A Tale of this City' by Mary Brooksbank with some duplicate chapters

Likely written before 1967. Chapters: Title Page Author's Preface 'A Life's Story Begins' 'The Carter's Strike (1911)' 'Women In The Capitalist Crisis' 'The Concert' 'My First Strike (1912)' 'Jock Thomson: A Real Man of The People' 'Cycling Days' 'Tactics of The Provocateurs' 'The Dundee Working Womens' Guild' 'The Great War (1914-1918)' 'My Favourite Literature' 'In Desperate Straits' 'My Pal Annie' 'The Other War (1939-1945)' 'Conclusion' 'My Father' [3 copies] 'My First Home' [3 copies] 'My Old Brass Candlesticks' [3 copies] 'In Laing's Mill' [3 copies] 'In Keillor's' [3 copies] A note with regards to original manuscript filched from Mary Brooksbank