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Nora Scrymgeour collection
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Autograph Book

Used as a commonplace book containing newspaper clippings on the Scrymgeour family and other events, such as the first female minister in South Africa. Also copies of poems, and illustrations, including ones of people from the Malay States with their language and religion, leaves and plants stuck onto pages.

Books belonging to Nora Scrymgeour

/1 'The New Theology and the old facts' by Norval Scrymgeour, n.d. /2 'Local veto and the book' by W. Blackwood, 1908 /3 'Dundee Worthies' by George Martin, 1934. /4 'Poetic Gems selected from the works of William McGonagall', 1890 /5 'Excursion Guide - Dundee 1912' by British Association, 1912 /6 'The River Tay' by William Reid, n.d. /7 'The Church: Shams in Pulpit and Pew' by a Dundonian, n.d. /8 'Annals of Scotland' by George Blake 1895-1955 /9 'The Late James Scrymegour', c 1887 /10 'Life of James Scrymgeour' by William Norrie, 1887. /11 'Norman Law and The Reekie Linn' by James Scrymgeour, 1875 /12 'The Dundee Christmas Annual- Dundee Stories for Dundee Folk' by Norval Scrymgeour, 1893 /13 'Guide to Remarkable Monuments in the Howff, Dundee' by A. C. Lamb, 1892 /14 'In Memoriam The Hon. Mrs Oglivy', nd. /15 'A visit to the Eastern Necropolis' by Norval Scrymgeour, 1873 /16 'Robert Burns and Dundee- The true story of his visit' by A.S., 1897 [2 copies] /17 'William Ellery Channing - His Religious and Social Thought' by Anne Holt, 1942

Collins Portable Diary

Used as a commonplace book containing newspaper clippings, ncluding ones relating to events that affected the Scrymgeour family, clippings of poems and a portrait of James [?] with a letter relating to its creation.

Drawings of Dundee

Three drawings of old Dundee comprising 'Barrack Street', 'the last of Dundee's hand loom weavers' and 'Bailie Harris' shop at foot of Couttie Wynd'

Family Tree of Nancy Hughes (nee Scrymgeour)

Family tree of Nancy Hughes (nee Scrymgeour) dating back to c1780, detailing information such as date of birth, occupation and date of death of each member of her family. Contains details on each generation of several branches of her family including the Duncans, Calmans and Moirs.

Materials relating to Tay Bridge Disaster

Explanation of connection of Tay Bridge Disaster materials to Scrymgeour family, detailing the story of James Lesslie leading up to his death in the disaster. Also contains copies of the poems of James Thomson, Alice Scrymgeour's brother, that were in his posession Verses written by James Thomson, recovered from James Lesslie's body including three copies of Come and Gone, 1879. Newspaper cutting about verses and how they were found, n.d. Article titled 'A Memento of the Tay Bridge Disaster', nd Newspaper cutting of the verse Come and Gone, n.d. In Memorium to James Lesslie, aged 22, mentioning his death in the Tay Bridge Disaster, recovery of his remains on 8th January and burial in Balgay cemetery, 1879. A picture of the new Tay Rail Bridge being built beside the old one, 1883.

Nora Scrymgeour collection

  • MS 436
  • Collection
  • 1879-1955
Commonplace books and materials relating to the Tay Bridge disaster and documents that relate to the Scrymgeour family, including a family tree dating back to the late 18th century. Publications, mostly relating to Dundee and some of which were authored by members of the Scrymgeour family and .

Nora Scrymgeour (1880-1961)