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Giddings & Lewis-Fraser Ltd
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Accounts and correspondence

Accounts and correspondence relating to business dealings between Douglas Fraser & Sons and David Martin & Co., Dundee, particularly concerning payments owed by Frasers.

Adamjee photographs

Mr A.W. Adamjee showing Fraser R.F. to H.E. the acting governor of East Bengal, Mr Khan Mgr No. 2 mill, Adjamee No. 1
(40) Mr A. W. Adamjee showing Fraser former to Abdul Rehmano Siddiqui acting governor of East Bengal.
(41) Adamjee Mill; Gordon Fraser, Khan (manager of No.2 Mill) on Adamjee jetty. Meghna river in the background.
(42) Adamjee Mill; Gordon Fraser and Khan with two local workers, inspecting Low's Ship Draft Spinning machine.
(43) Adamjee Mill; Indian workers preparing jute for processing.
(44) Adamjee Mill; Indian workers in mill oversee transfer of jute rolls from breaker cards to finisher cards.

Adamjee's Mill staff photograph

Standing left to right: ?, ?, Mr Khan, Manager Adamjee, NS2 Mill; Abdul Currim, General Manager Adamjee Jute Mills; Harold Nicol Fairbarin, Peirce Brodie, Ians Flow; Mr Bowie, Douglas Fraser & Sons; Mr Kharadia, Manager, Adamjee NS1 Mill; ?, ?, Mr Aratoon of Roberts McLean Calcutta.
Sitting left to right: Colin Keay, T.C. Keay; John Page, Fairbairn Lanson Coombe Barbour; Abdul Waheed, Adamjee; James Scott, James F. Low; John G. Fraser, Douglas Fraser & Sons Ltd.

Cocktail party, Calcutta

(125) John G. Fraser, J. R. Balfour, Mrs Balfour, C.N. Thomson at a cocktail party.
(126) C. N. Thomson and two others at cocktail party.
(127) Guests at cocktail party.
(128) John G. Fraser, C. N. Thomson and one other at cocktail party.
(129) Guests at cocktail party
(130) Mr Ken Cornish of Ludlow, Mr David Pilkington of Bird & Co, ?, Colonel C.N. Thomson Chairman of Giddings & Lewis Fraser & Adrian Gubbay of B.N. Elias
(131) Guests at cocktail party.

Company Files, Giddings and Lewis-Fraser Limited. Companies Registration Office, Edinburgh. [Microfiche].

G-G6. General documents 1959-1987. From incorporation of Giddings and Lewis Machine Tool Company and Douglas Fraser and Sons Limited to form Giddings and Lewis-Fraser Limited. Includes Certificate of Incorporation, Articles of Association 1959, 1968, 1981, particulars of directors, documents relating to public listing, documents relating to private listing. A-A6. Annual Returns and Accounts. 1977-1986. M. Mortgage documents. 1968, 1974. MR. Mortgage register. 1968.

Copy agreement and deed of arrangement between Thomas Forbes' trustees and Catherine Fraser with Douglas Fraser & Sons

Copy agreement and deed of arrangement between Thomas Forbes' trustees and Catherine Fraser with Douglas Fraser & Sons regarding payment of debt owed by the company [2 copies] 1890; and copy of draft deed of arrangement between Catherine Fraser and the firm and others setting out new terms of payments to her.
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