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Bengal Project respondents' papers
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Bengal Project respondents' papers

  • MS 417
  • Collection
  • 1920-1993
Correspondence and items sent to the Project, illustrating the lives of individuals who worked in the jute industry in Bengal

Benjamin Mason

(1) Letter from Elizabeth Reed outlinging career of Mason, 1993 (2) Six photographs of Kanknarrah Jute Mill, Calcutta and men playing cricket, most annotated, c1920 (3) Letter from CA Whatley acknowledging photographs, 1993

Davina Wighton

(1) Copy of Davina Wighton's narrative, 'Journey in India', 1907 (2) Copy of newsclippings about the Wighton family, nd (3) Copy of news clippings about Durbars, 1911 (4) Bengal Project temporary deposit form, 1993

George M Martin

(1) Correspondence between Dr Chris Whatley and Martin's daughters concerning his memoirs, with extracts, 1993 (2) Two copies of the memoirs of G.M. Martin, with rough and incomplete index, detailing his life and his employment in the Indian jute industry, c1974

George Martin

Gordon Allan

(1) Copy of newsletter and attached list of people attending the Andrew Yule Club reunion with speech 'Sir David Yule', (2) Bengal Project temporary deposit form [1993]

James Adam

(1) Agreement between Duncan MacNeill & Co., and James MacDonald Adam to be employed as a mill mechanic for 4 years with The Ganges Manufacturing Company Limited, 1946 (2) British passport in for Mr JM Adam, 1946 (3) Anchor Line list of passengers, India to the UK, [1957] (4) RMS Cilicia farewell dinner menu, 1957 (5) Bengal Project temporary deposit form, [1993]

John Webster

(1-31) Photographs, many annotated, of scenery, sights, unknown compound and Fairburn's machinery. Also photographs of groups of men at leisure and in uniform. [MS 417/9(23) likely to be John Webster], 1930s (32) Bengal Project temporary deposit form [1993]

P.H. Wallace

(1) Card from P.H. Wallace describing context of photographs and noting a connection with Douglas Fraser and Sons, 1993 (2) Letter ackowledging receipt of photographs, 1993 (3) Board of photographs of white employees at leisure and Indian employees at work, 1920 (4) Album of photgraphs showing vessels on River Houghly, scenes of agriculural labour, Temple and Rajah's House in Calcutta. Annotated and with list, 1920

William Gardiner

(1-4) Correspondence between Mrs Doris Gordon and Dr Whatley, outlining the story of the Gardiner family in India, and acceptance of the photographs, 1993 [4 letters] (5) Annotated photographs of buildings, scenery, employees and their families, including William Gardiner, 1930s [16 photographs]

William Philp Blyth

(1) 'An Address of Farewell Given by the Office and Departmental Clerical stass of the Dalhousie Jute Mills Company to Mr WP Blyth (Manager), including list of staff [original and 3 copies], 1939 (2) Letter from Mary G Philp enclosing 'Address' and describing home visits from family working in India, 1993 (3) Thank you letter to Mrs Phelp from Dr CA Whatley, 1993

W.L. Whyte

(1-3) Correspondence concerning Whyte's memories and involvement in the Bengal project, 1993 (4-11) Photographs of people and buildings, fully annotated and with contextual information, 1930s (12-13) MS notes [6pp] giving details of Whyte's life and the general routine of living and working in India, with accompanying letter, 1993

W. L. Whyte