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The Attic Archive Collection
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2020 Cabinet

Cabinet containing documentation of 2020 by ha, created partially in response to Covid:
a small notebook
5 data cds
1 A5 notebook reference reworking of the DATA catalogue
10 A5 notebooks/daily handwritten journals
44 A5 collaged letter/books addressed to rob fairley
44 A4 envelopes of correspondence the majority from rob fairley

ha ha

2021 Cabinet

Cabinet containing correspondence (including letters from Rob Fairley), diaries and reflections from 2021 with cds which include video and audio files


Accessibility of the Art Object and VAP

Includes general correspondence from this time and material relating to these two projects. The Accessibility of the Art Object, inspired by the idea that art should be fuelled by a sense of hazard and accident sought to make art accessible in terms of price and to all. The project included postcards (DUNUC ARTS 4382) and artwork sent to members of the public, badges, and products sold at a Christmas stall. Material includes a 1978 manifesto, a 1978 diary / journal of Horobin and slides of his work. VAP (Visual Arts Promotions) was a collaboration with Edinburgh artists (part of the Edinburgh Group). The material includes notes on the Edinburgh Group meetings, slides of VAP exhibitions and material relating to Horobin's Live performance in the Henderson Gallery.

Pete Horobin

Correspondence portraits

Packs of 8 postcards featuring portraits of artists Barry Mitchell, Karen Strang, Philip Pilkington, Mark Pawson, Susan Young, Stefan Szczelkun, Jack Saunders and Chris Horobin

Pete Horobin

DATA: Catalogue 2019 edition

DATA (Daily Action Time Archive) 1980-1989 catalogue, revised March 2019 by aitch and viktor kotun. Divided into five parts, the catalogue provides 'an account of DATA archived within Artpool, the Scottish Gallery of Modern Art & Dundee University Archives'. Also included are 'DATA installations': images of DATA installations at Belfast University, Cupar arts Festival, Rotterdam, Dundee, Glasgow and the Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art



Junk into Art Art into Junk: Grampian television interview, installation at Forebank Studios, 1978
Junk into Art Art into Junk: collecting, scrapping and installing and Cairn, 1978
Junk into Art Art into Junk texts, works in progress, exhibition, 1978
The Accessibility of the Art Object: The stall at Forebank Gallery Dunde, Work live in situ at Henderson’s Gallery Edinburgh (x2) c 1979
The Accessibility of the Art Object: documentation of the start of the project c 1979
Visual Art Promotions: Photo documentation files of influential punk records, c 1979
Visual Art Promotions: Various Products, c 1979
Visual Art Promotions: Various Texts and Documents, c 1979
Digitised copy of side 01 and 02 audio cassette Kunoldstr 34 Kassel 1982
Digitised copy of audio cassettes recording the Falklands War (x2)
London correspondence exchanges 1983
Karen Strang edited mix recording her autobiography, 1980s
The Dental Dermatitis with Karen Strang, 1980s
Correspondence video with DJ @ Fomt, 1980s? (four copies)
DJ driving to work in the Attic and an Attic anecdote of Dark Hopes, 1980s?
Dark Hopes, relating to DJ’s work, 1980s?
DJ @ Fomt sound files, 1980s?
Prototype DVD of David Zack’s visit to DATA Attic, 1986
Zack’s visit to the DATA Attic 1986
Digitised copies of audio cassettes 1983-1986 by David Zack
Original digitised copies of audio cassettes by David Zack 1986-1988
Digitised copies of audio cassettes by David Zack, filtered version, 1980s (x3)
David Zack – correspondence with Horobin, songs and music and visit to Attic Archives, 1986 (3 copies?)
Scans of photographs: The Traditional Methods and Conversations with a Bear, 1980s
As above includes also Toasts x 33, 1980s
Pram and Toasts x 33, 1980s
Pram Loop, 1984
London Pram The Year of Freedom correspondence and exchanges, 1984
Visit to the Data Attic by Graf Haufen , 1987 (two copies)
Fifeman, 1980s

Word documents: Accessibility of Art Object, VAP, 1980-1985, Lynne’s Coffin Images, data relating to Rob Fairley, 1970s-1980s
Original wav sound files for Strontian audio project and David Zack correspondence portrait
Marshall Anderson (video edit bringing together drawings, poetry, photo-documentation and bookworks in collaboration with Lotte Globe) covering 1990-1999
DATA 1980-1986 in the Attic Archive, 2005
DATA 1987-1989 in the Attic Archive, 2005
Attic Archive Audio Sounds n.d.
Visit by Judit Bodor and Roddy Hunter to Attic Archive 2005
From A to A – New Directions – move of Archive to Artpool and unpacking, 2010 (4 items)
Peter Haining unpacking part of the DATA project at Artpool, 2010
Busy Doing Nothing (Peter Haining), 2000-2005
Experimental audio recorded outside at Tentsmuir Lagoon, Peter Haining, 2000s
DATA – controlled access – DATA University of Ulster, photos by Malcolm Dickson (x2) 2006
In and about with Ka Fairley, 2006
Lizzie’s Birthday Album, 2008
Fifeman, installation by Jenny Brownrigg for the Cupar Arts Festival, 2008
Photo documentation of Fifeman chair, 2008
Photo documentation of Heinrich Boll artist’s residency by Sarah Falloon and Peter Haining, Achill, December 2008
Strontian sound collages to commemorate the Room 13 summer school, 2008
Archive details 2009
Marco Crivello by Abigail Norris, 2009
Documentation Two bookworks abandonment / burial by Lotte Glob and Peter Haining, Sutherland 2011
DVD Reform by Rose Poppay
DVD Derivatives Whispers by Abbie Norris, 2008
Silkie, 2008
Three Memories
Rays’ Bream
A Fifeshire Ballad
Laura and Jacqueline
Haining at Tintagh
Visits to James Finlay
A visit to Moscow Joe
Best Before Colonialism
The John Crampsey Story
Picture files: centres of no importance - Pete Horobin, Pete Horobin pre DATA documentation, Marshal Anderson – pyre for fox journal text and 3 drawings, Peter Haining – photo works, visual diary 2002, 2003, pencil drawings and lagoon drawings.

Peter Haining

DATA: College

Includes writings, photographs, slides and negatives relating to Horobin's time studying at Duncan of Jordanstone College. Some photographs are of degree shows and artwork. Also includes original artwork by Horobin (listed in museum catalogue, DUNUC ARTS 4318-4370). Other material includes invitations to exhibitions and exhibition catalogues.

Pete Horobin

DATA (Daily Action Time Archive) 01.01.1980-31.12.1989 Pete Horobin

Artworks, papers and journals concerning the complete DATA project, including updated (2018) papers relating to the Smile Scone project. Areas arranged by the artist comprise: College, Correspondence etc, Post College, Smile Scone, Receipts, Journals (4 sections), Junk into Art: Art into Junk, Stenhouse, Dundee Group Artists Lts, Negatives [transferred to National Gallery of Modern Art, Edinburgh], Photographs, VHS Tapes, CDS and DVDS, Digital Tapes and Slides, Catalogue and Data Cell; Daily Action Time Archive, I Do Not Belong, I participate by Neil Mulholland

Pete Horobin

DATA: Digital Tapes and Slides.

Digital video cassettes marked 'Zeki Agacab', 'Womens Work', 'Sarajevo to Cape Wrath', 'Sheila Little' 'Isle of May', 'Herring Gulls', 'Rockhead', 'Mossmorran', 'Ray's Bream', and others such as Also 35 mm slides on various subjects, including 'DATA 1980 non-specific Dundee Streets', 'Dundee Streets', ' Non Specific', 'Graffiti', 'Dundee Graffiti Garden 1998', 'Zeki Again', 'Tayside House' and general Dundee scenes.

Peter Haining

DATA: Dundee Group (Artists) Ltd

Material relating to the Dundee Group (Artists) Ltd at the Forebank Gallery and studios, Dundee which was established in 1977. Includes leaflets, posters, postcards, badge designs, photographs of artists and exhibitions, correspondence, and artworks. Horobin left the Group around the time of the commencement of DATA because the Group was pursuing a different agenda.

DATA: Junk into Art / Art into Junk.

In 1979 this event was staged at Forebank Studios in Dundee and was the impetus for Horobin to make documentation a creative statement and led to the foundation of the DATA project. The idea was to invite artists to work with waste, turn it into art objects, then return to waste. Includes posters, photographs, slides and negatives, correspondence and information about the project and cassette tapes of meetings, talks and the event.

Peter Haining

DATA: Photographs

Includes images of Pete Horobin, his friends, art projects, video generated images, satellite images and camping trips. Photographs have individual descriptions on their reverse.

Pete Horobin

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