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Dundee City Labour Party
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Dundee City Labour Party

  • MS 325
  • Collection
  • 1973-1983
Dundee City Labour Party Riverside & Balgay Wards (2 & 9) minute book

Dundee Labour Party

Election, national and local party papers, including financial records, membership lists, leaflets, policy documents, party templates and correspondence.

Box 1: Election material & correspondence, National Union of Mine Workers Energy Review; Smoking in Public Places report; Dundee ward boundary map; box file of tax related papers; photograph of Dundee Labour & Trades Council, 1945; misc. papers, posters & leaflets; membership & financial records; opposition material. Box 2: Financial records incl. membership details; confidential letters and reports; folder of minutes & notes on meetings; manifesto development folder; Better Together magazine; membership & nomination papers; voting & election tally sheets; reports & minutes; Catherine Stilher European papers; election campaign papers; membership records; minutes & papers relating to voters & candidates; reports & minutes; election expenses papers; bank statements. Box 3: Panel selection papers; NEC annual report; breakdown of election voting; fundraising papers; expenditure & deposits; cheques & cheque books; bank statements; ward electorate breakdowns; property papers; receipt books; 200 Club membership papers; raffles sales, 2004; donations; membership & finanace reports; candidate monitoring forms; minutes of meetings; local government candidate papers; Trade Union affiliate lists; Partnership In Power consultations; financial donations; local government nominations; policy consultations; national policy forum report. Box 4: Election papers, various incl. 2010; bank statements; Partnership in Power consultations; membership details; voter IDs; Dundee City local government committee minutes, 2000; membership & financial papers incl. invoices & donations; CLP membership reports containing details of members; statements, ward boundaries; Help Keep It Labour toolkit; 200 Club draw winners & minutes; record of decisions 2010; minutes of meetings; Data Protection Act registration. Box 5: Scottish Parliament election papers incl. expenses; voting numbers breakdown; election communication leaflet with members details; correspondence regarding members; party funding papers; Labour Party job description; financial papers & invoices; Scottish parliament completed ballot papers, 2010; postal vote papers 2010; Best Practice Campaigning letter signed by Tony Blair, 2003; membership fee records; boundary commission reviews; proxy vote lists & postal votes 2001; 200 Club accounts 1999; accounts 1998; income & expenditure ledger 1995-1997; donation receipts 1996 for subscription fees; receipts of donations; blank receipt books; Electoral Commission report; 200 Club prize draw list & other papers; 200 Club newsletter, members details, subscription/donations info, 1998; 200 Club winners list inc. members details; blank membership forms & direct debit forms; membership of Ward 14 names and addresses; nomination forms; instruction & guidance leaflets for elections; invoices; misc. notes & letters; 200 Club Dundee East expenses; circulars & forms relating to attracting new members & membership renewals; membership lists & fees, 2002; newsletters; VHS tapes titled 'Sandra Thomson', 'Tony Benn', 'Tony Blair Conference Speech 1998' & 'Labour Party Conference 1998'. Box 6: Minutes of meetings & floppy disk of the AGM, 2005; agendas & lists of office bearers for Dundee East; Dundee East AGM papers 2005; 200 Club financial records; stationary; membership lists; Annual Conference resolution papers 2006; completed nomination forms 2007; voter contact folder, empty; Dundee 2001-2002 membership reports; list of secretaries for each branch in Dundee; flyers relating to venues; candidate declaration forms; letterheads; Renewal Interim Report 2007; Labour Party directory; guidance regarding 'Thank You Campaign', 2006; Labour Euro News; Labour group newsletter; celebration of Ernie Ross 25 years; conference papers regarding mining; National Policy Forum 2006; Kate Maclean campaign leaflet; conference report 2006; seats for women leaflet; circulars & letters regarding House of Lords; 100 year of Labour in Fife brochure; Ernie Ross circular on Labour's successes; 300 gains leaflet; campaign for Socialism pamphlet; policy brochures 1998; committee papers; correspendence with the GMB & Dundee West; conference brochures 2004; Dundee West committee notes; membership lists; New Constituency Parties - how to run them guidance; minutes of Dundee West meetings; conference correspondence, 2005; Dundee West reports & Scottish elections results, 2001; minutes & other papers relating to incl. agenda, 2004. Box 7: Elections flyers & posters; circular regarding New Scottish Labour Leader & other papers 2008; Association of Labour Councillors brochure; freshers fayre flyers; Scottish Parliamentary selections , CV's & reports; papers realting to Dundee West parliamentary candidates; campaign pack, July 2007; Gordon Brown brochure; Dundee West & Dundee East updates; Labour Party templates, Building Supports & Building Communities; letter from Tony Blair thanking members for their support, 2007; press release & other papers relating to Harriet Harman & tackling inequality, 2009; Caring, Healthier & Fairer Scotland leaflets; meeting dates for Dundee East committee; invoices; Margaret Curran election leaflet, website downloads & voters IDs; membership newsletters & circulars; letters of support for leadership candidates, 2007; campaigners catalogue; telephone crib sheet; Scottish Parliament script when telephoning; CD containing material for CLP's, 2007; Holyrood magazine, 2007; Progress magazine, 2007; Deputy Leadership booklet of essays, 2007; Power to the People booklet, 2008; Saltire newspaper, 2008; photocopied press cutting, 1995; Scottish Labour Party rules & standing orders, 2001; The Citizen, 2008; Newsletters & circular from Scottish Parliament & GMB plus finanacial papers; Dundee City of Discovery Press Pack & interview guides; various circulars, leaflets & brochures, 1990s-2000s; minutes of meeting; voter ID training; papers relating to election 2001, 2003; candidates selection papers, 2002; Electoral Commission guidance brochure 2003; electioneering leaflets & associated papers, 2003; Dundee City promotional brochure; membership papers & constituents profiles, 2002-2003; Dundee West branch minutes, agendas, 2002; Dundee Labour Party minutes, 2001-2003; election expenses returns, 2003; Labour Party committee meeting minutes, reports etc, 2001. Box 8: CLP monthly financial reports 1999, 2002, 2003; treasurer's DLP; raffle book receipts 1998, 2002; unidentified photograph; 200 Club membership details, 2002; Dundee East expenditure incurred, 2003; conference related finances, 2003; 200 club members & prize draw lists; National Membership System pro-formas; completed postal vote applications, 2003; New Labour Legal Handbook; Scottish Local & European election leaflets 1999-2004; VHS 'A Future Fair for All'; minutes of meetings & associated notes, 1994-1996; Box 9: General election campaign papers; financial pro formas, 2005; completed election survey forms, 2004; list of lapsed members including names & addresses; memberships lists, action report & letters, 2002; Broughty Ferry branch meeting cards, 1997-1999; 200 Club members list & other financial papers, 1998- 2000s; Lochee branch membership list; circular regarding recruitment of members; Dundee East & Dundee West membership lists, 1999-2000; membership forms, 1996; invoices, 1998 & 2003; monthly finance reports, 1998; donation thank you letters pro-forma, 2005; conference agenda, papers & report, 2006; policy forum documents, 2006; voter ID training papers, 2005; membership report for Monifieth & Carnoustie; newsletters & membership lists, 2005; office bearers list, 2003; newsletters 2003; bills to pay, 1999; registration certificate, 1997; register processing pack, 2003; Dundee schools PPP project; election insurance document; letter endorsing Iain Luke, 2006; property documents, 2005; email correspondence; completed voter ID cards; minutes of meetings, 2006; letter from Mohammed Sarwar, 2007; Whips reports on candidates, 2006; guidelines for selection of local government candidates, 2006; disks 1-3 & instructions; minutes of meetings & reports, 2005; completed candidate nominatioin forms, 2007; sealed envelope of appeals, 1998; nominations form, 2007; completed monitoring forms; survey forms. Box 10: Monthly financial reports, 2004; photocopy of House of Commons members handbook; Dundee East Labour Party committee minutes, meetings, reports, membership & related papers, 1999-2006; rule book, 2006; ,e,bership reports 2004-2006; committee minutes & membership lists, 2005-2006; North-East MSP public meetings, letters asking for support, 2006; list of GC delegates for affirmation, 2006; letter regarding activism of elected representatives, 2006; papers regarding European Forum events, 2006; papers relating to the Scottish Conference, 2006; consultation documents on various topics, 2006; National Policy Forum report, 2005; district polling map, 2006; How The Labour Party Works leaflet, 1974; Conduct of Scottish Local elections, 1974; conduct of Parliamentary elections, 1965; Dundee East minutes of meetings, 1976-1981; newspaper cutting relating to corruption trial in Dundee, 1984; discussion paper of the TRC eleection & other papers, 1986; minutes & correspondence relating to Iain Borthwick - investigation into his behaviour, 1986-1987; Strategy for Victory report, 1990; 22nd annual report, 1970; SNP campaign leaflet, 1984; election papers & various newscuttings, 1988-1992; various toolkits & guidance for the Labour Party, 1985-2005; varioius leaflets & publications by party affiliate on various topics, 1980s; conference report, 1975; Scotland's Future Manifesto, 1974; Box 11: Papers relating to ethnic minorities & the general election, 1992; minutes of committee meetings, 1980-1984; elections papers including vote proxy; absent voters & briefing notes all reating to the 2003 election; monthly financial reports, 1999; balance sheets, 1999-2000; two raffle receipt book, 2001-2004; completed census memberships, 2004 & 2011; Treasurers records 1998, 1999, 2000 & 2009; 200 Club financial records & memberships, 2000; balance sheets 1998-2001; photograph of Dundee city square; Building a Healthy Party leaflet; Project 99 Supplementary guidance on the role of the LGC & associated papers; candidates check report, 1999; election results, 1995; Labour dot contact leaflet; report from the Independent Commission on the voting system, 1999; elections of Leader & Deputy Leader in the Scottish Parliament Procedural notes; elections of Interim leader, 2000; constitution of Labour clubs, 2000; Data Protections Registry letter, 2000; Scottish Parliament election votes cast, 1999; Achievements, 10 Things Labour Has Done For Working People booklet, 2003; 4 Years, 40 Real Achievements, 2003; policy forum, guides, reports & nomination forms; What Councillors Think leaflet; candidate interview timetable 2002-2003; agenda, general correspondence & rules relating to the annual conference, 1997; Kate Maclean MSP circular; Dundee West meeting notes; Dundee East parliamentary notes; model standing orders for Labour parties; annual reports, 1999-2002; AGM reports 2001-2002; list of office bearers, 1999-2000; Being A Secretary of Your Local Party guidelines; Box 12: Record of decisions of 100th Conference, 2001; Kate Maclean circular & leaflets; Dundee West Parliamentary report; Dundee City Council elections, May 2003; List of Councillors including personal details; Branch Structure & Council Wards; Ward Boundary Maps; Labour's 81st Scottish Conference & associated papers, 1996; Scottish Labour Women's Committee Information Pack; general election training workshop & general elections skills leaflets; Campaign To Win brochure; Cathy Peattie biographical details; Labour's Manifesto, 2001; Best Practice Awards, 2004; National Policy Forum consultation document; Bulletin leaflet; Labour Party policy handbook, March 2005; Fit For Purpose brochure; Scotland Forward Not Back Manifesto, 2005; The Monifieth Standard; Dundee West, CLP; Carnoustie calendar; Marlyn Glen flyer; Sidlaws Standard flyer; Doug Bradley flyer; Britain Forward Not Back flyer & tool kit; blank receipt book; two Labour Know-How books; Kiddie Kare annual report 2004-2005; newsclipping of candidates; correspondence & meeting notes; Marlyn Glen newsletter; Dundee West Scottish Parliamentary Forum dates for meetings; Scottish Executive election results; Neil Kinnock extracts from a speech, Sep 2005; Stewart Hosie circulars; report from Marlyn Glen; leaflets, flyers & circulars concerning Dundee MSPs; The Good Society; campaign training workbooks, 2010; The Choice For Britain brochure; The Missing Modernisation, 2004; consultation documents for Scotland's Judiciary, 2006; guidance brochure for the general elections, 2010; Scottish conference papers & photograph, 2004; national policy documents, 2002; Parliamentary report, 2003; general election report, 1997; report on local election results, 1999; NEC guidelines regarding candidates, 2000; record of conference decisions, 1997; renewable energy booklet, 2001; guide for candidates, 2003; lists of polling stations; various government reports & inquiries, 1974-1980; order forms for leaflets; campaign material, 1998; minutes of meetings, 2005-2006; circulars concerning Tayside Islamic Education, 2002; national policy forum documents & publications, 2003. Box 13: Parliamentary MSP reports & statement, 2001-2002; papers concerning parliamentary boundaries; Ministerial replies, 1997-2002; election reports, 1999; Labour Party minutes, 1995-2001; notes & papers on ethnic minority meetings; mail & other papers various topics, 2003; minutes of meetings, 1997-2003; policy forum reports, 2004; conference reports, consultation documents, 2004; canvassing ephemera pre 1997; conference delegates & local government candidate papers, delegates & members cards, 2003; rules & standing orders 1999 & 2001; The Scottish telephone directory, 2002; and Nothing But The Truth, Alex McKenzie biography, 1976; election results 1999; blank skills questionnaires; European Parliamentary Labour Party pack, post 2003. Box 14: Box of photographs, framed & unframed. Box 15: Towards 2003; delegate list 2001-2, Dundee East & Dundee West; Scottish Labour Party annual report 1994/5; 1995/6; Constituency Officers training pack; New Labour New Life for Scotland leaflet; New Labour, New Britain pocket guide; model standing orders; folder of Executive Buisness April 2000; AGM report 2002; Executive Committee minutes, 2002-2003; correspondence regarding The Fire Fighters Dispute; minutes of the GMC 1992-1994; Trade Union renewal booklet; list of AGM attendees, 1999; AGM flowchart; Dundee Labour Party annual report 1998-2000; correspondence 1996-2001; New Labour Because Britain Deserves Better booklet; Executive Committee report 1995-1996; Developing Community Care Services for Older People report; papers regarding Scottish Labour's 84th annual conference, 1999; list of campaign conference attendees, 1999; Parliamentary report, 2000; The Scottish Parliament, the First Year; Scottish Policy Forum procedural guidelines; Labour Party conference booklet and general correspondence Brighton, 1997; Resolutions booklet, 1997; Ambitions for Scotland, Labour's manifesto, 2001; Box 16: Scottish Labour Party Conference papers, 1997; various papers regarding the European Elections, 1999; Joe Fitzpatrick leaflet; financial papers, 1998; Oct 2000-Sep 2001; income sheets Oct 1999- Sep 2000; agendas and newsletters; list of nominated candidates; Central Broughty Ferry Study, 2000; list of members and details of fees, Aug 1999.