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Miscellaneous Manuscripts
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Act of Separation and Deed of Demission

Act of Separation and Deed of Demission executed at the meeting of the Assembly of the Free Church of Scotland ... held at Edinburgh on 23rd of May, 1843. Includes signatures. [Printed; 2nd edition]. Engravers: W. & A.K. Johnston, Edinburgh. AWANTING

Armitstead family

Miscellaneous notes relating to the Armitstead family. Includes family tree and biography of George Armitstead, Baron of Castlehill (1824-1915). Compiled 1982

Barbara Graham shipbuilding research

Shipbuilding: information provided by Barbara Graham in connection with her thesis on "Scottish Society and the American Civil War", with particular reference to the construction of blockade runners and warships for the Confederacy. (1) "Number and gross tonnage of vessels built at Dundee yards, 1856-1867". Appendix 1A to Ms Graham's thesis; information condensed from Ingram lists. (2) "Details of vessels built at main Dundee yards, 1856-1867". [Incomplete]. First page of Appendix 1A to Ms Graham's thesis. (3) Extract from the database on blockade runners in the American Civil War, from the thesis of Dr Stephen Wise, 1988. Details of the (Ship) 'Agnes E. Smith', built in Greenock, in action during 1864.

Cholera in Dundee

Notes relating to cholera in Dundee, especially to the investigation by Dr Hector Gavin of conditions in Dundee, 1853. Compiled by Ramsay Small. There is also additional related correspondence

Copy of letter in Hawaiian

Fax Message from Dundee University Library to University of Hawaii: copy of letter, 25 December 1843, in Hawaiian, from Sandwich Island to Honolulu. One page missing. [Photocopy].

"Decisions" of Sir Thomas Hamilton, 1st Earl of Haddington

Haddington Practicks: 17th century transcript of part of "Decisions" of Sir Thomas Hamilton, 1st Earl of Haddington, advocate (1563-1637). Dated 1608-1611; [part of MSS in 3 volumes, 1592-1624]. Bookplate of George Baillie of Jerviswood (1663-1738) and signature "G. Baillie March 1784". Calf bound; Folio. [490pp.]

Eastern and other antiquities

List of Eastern and other antiquities, presented by Rev. Dr Colin Campbell and placed by University College Council in the Library. c.1900 [4pp] [Typescript]. AWANTING

Eccles family

Genealogical notes relating to Eccles family of Greenock and Trinidad in 18th and 19th centuries; n.d. [fragment].

History of the Village of Ferryden

History of the Village of Ferryden, containing an account of the Manners and Customs of its inhabitants, and the improvements which have taken place within the last fifty years, by Andrew Douglas. Second edition. Montrose, 1857. Andrew Douglas was the village schoolmaster and the first edition of the book aroused some local controversy. It is mainly a collection of observations of the social life of the fishing community, and at the time was believed to be unflattering. The second edition was perhaps meant to be less critical. /1 Published version. [Photocopy]. /2 Manuscript version. [Photocopy. Pages 135-136, 193-194, 273 are missing].

Interlocutors in the cause pursued before the Rt. Honourable The Lords of Council and Session in Scotland: George Earl of Crawford and Lindsay and George Ross, his Trustee the Creditors of John, late Earl of Crawford against the Creditors of William, l...

Authentic Extract Interlocutors in the cause pursued before the Rt. Honourable The Lords of Council and Session in Scotland: George Earl of Crawford and Lindsay and George Ross, his Trustee the Creditors of John, late Earl of Crawford against the Creditors of William, late Earl of Crawford. Edinburgh, 14 July-20 December 1757. Extracted 15 February 1758. Includes index. (356ff.).

Items discovered in the The Alpine Journal

Items discovered in the The Alpine Journal relating to climbing in the Alps. Most are letters to Arthur John Butler (1844-1910), Italian scholar and mountaineer. Items /1-7 are loose items removed from the Alpine Journal. [Found in Vol. 16, pp 508-9]. /1 Letter, 30 November 1893, Alfred Pictet, Geneva, to unidentified addresee. Relates to an article which mentions ascents of Mont Blanc, in The Alpine Journal Vol 16: "Alpine Notes and New Routes". [2pp] [Found in Vol. 18, inside front cover]. /2 Letter, 29 September 1894, W.A.B. Coolidge, Hotel B228r, Grindelwald, Switzerland, to A.J. Butler. Relates mainly to mountaineering in Austria. [8pp]. /3 Letter, 26 July 1895, W.A.B. Coolidge, Hotel Piz Linard, Lavin, Switzerland, to A.J. Butler. Relates to climbing in Austria/Switzerland. [1p]. /4 Letter, 28 July 1895, W.A.B. Coolidge, Hotel Piz Linard, Lavin, Switzerland, to A.J. Butler. Relates to climbing in Austria/Switzerland /5 Letter, 2 August 1895, W.A.B. Coolidge, Hotel Piz Linard, Lavin, Switzerland, to A.J. Butler. Relates to climbing in Austria/Switzerland, with daily account from 29 July to 2 August. [2pp]. [Found in Vol. 37, inside front cover]. /6 Extract from the Times Literary Supplement, 11 January 1923: "The Creeds of the Mountaineers". [2pp]. [Found in Vol. 51, pp2-3]. /7 Note, 31 July 1939, by R. Whiteman [?], about a meeting between "Freshfield", representing the Alpine Club and Achille Ratti (His Holiness Pope Pius XI), who was himself a mountaineer. [1p]. Items /8-26 are photocopies of material which cannot be removed from the Alpine Journals. [In Vol. 15, pp 68-69]. /8 Card, [postmark 29 March 1891], F.H. , Zürich, to A.J. Butler, London. Informs that two names have been wrongly exchanged in the February Alpine Journal, [1p]. [In Vol. 15, pp 160-161]. /9 Letter, 28 January 1891, M. Holzmann, Pall Mall, London, to A.J. Butler. Gives his own personal account of his ascent of the Terza Grande. [3p]. [In Vol. 15, pp 306-307]. /10 Letter, 3 January 1891, L. Norman Neruda, London, to St Moritz and Davos News. Refers to ascents of the Lyskamm and the Piz Roseg, particularly the allegation that these ascents were done in a dangerous manner. [1p]. [In Vol. XV, pp 310-311]. /11 Letter, 15 October 1890, G. Stallard, Rugby, to A.J. Butler. Accompanies an enclosed account [see Alpine Journal Vol XV p. 310] and adds several comments. [2p]. /12 Letter, 17 October 1890, G. Stallard, to A.J. Butler. Refers to an ascent of the Grosshorn being mistakenly refered to as the first in a previous volume of the Alpine Journal. [2p]. /13 Letter, 8 February 1891, G. Stallard, to A.J. Butler. Gives miscellaneous comments on various articles in the Alpine Journal. [3p]. [In Vol. 15, pp 312-13]. /14 Letter, 10 January 1890, [Legh S. Powell] to unidentified addressee. Relates to S.A.C. Jahrbuch, especially to "Herr Huber's" climb. [3p]. [In Vol. XV, pp 360-361]. /15 Card, 9 January 1891, [Clinton Dent?] to A.J. Butler. Comments on amusing aspects of an Alpine Journal article. [2p]. [In Vol. XV, pp 370-371]. /16 Card, [postmark 29 March 1891], F.H. Falsey [?] to A.J. Butler, London. Provides information on insurance. [1p]. [In Vol. XV, pp 374-375]. /17 Letter, 24 March 1891, August Naef, Zürich, to A.J. Butler. Referring to a mention in the Alpine Journal of an ascent of Sustenhorn from the Voralpthal, stating that it was he who had made the ascent rather than Seelig. [2p]. [In Vol. XV, pp 440-441]. /18 Post scriptum of a letter from M.H. [M. Holzmann]. Disagrees with part of an account by Norman Neruda of an ascent of Mount Giralba. [Neruda later acknowledged his mistake. See Alpine Journal, Vol. XV, pp 441-443]. [In Vol. XV, pp 446-447]. /19 Account of the first ascent of Hooker Saddle, New Zealand, on 29 December 1890, by Arthur P. Harper. [3p]. /20 "Over the Malte Brun Range to the Murchison Glacier". Newspaper cutting (from unidentified source) relating to the above ascent by A. Harper and P. Johnson. February 1891. /21 Letter, 29 April 1891. S. Mannering, Christchurch, New Zealand, to A.J. Butler. Refers to articles in the Alpine Journal. [In Vol. XV, pp 450-451]. /22 Letter, 8 June 1891, Otto Schück, London. States that the account in the Alpine Journal, referring to the first ascent of the Watzmann from S. Bartholom228, is wrong, since he was the first to make the ascent. [2p]. [In Vol. XVI, pp 258-259]. /23 Letter, 24 November [189-?], E. Main, St Moritz, Switzerland, to A.J. Butler. Mentions arrival of Mr Cook and comments on weather. [2p]. [In Vol. XVIII, pp 510-511]. /24 Letter, 29 November [189-?], H.B. Gray, Berkshire, to A.J. Butler. Thanks him for letter and gives personal news. [3pp]. [In Vol. XIX, pp 224-225]. /25 Photograph of climber [W.A.B. Coolidge?] on mountain ridge: "...cresta terminale del Saoseo". 1898. [In Vol. XIX, pp 226-227]. /26 Photograph of mountains: "Cima di Piazzi della Cima del Saoseo...". 1898.

Letter, George William Haws to Mrs Patterson

Letter, 2 March, 1932, George William Haws, Chelsea, London, to Mrs Patterson. Accompanies copy of his book The Haws Family and their Sea-faring Kin, which he is forwarding. Discusses his research into his family name, also mentioning the derivation of the Cox family name. [4pp.] [Found in volume of the book, K Loc 929.2 H 398].

Material relating to Community Councils in Letham (Perth District) and Fife

Minutes and newspaper cuttings, relating to Community Councils in Letham (Perth District) and Fife, and directories of local voluntary organisations: minutes; newspaper cuttings; local directories /1 Letham (Perth District) Community Council minutes, beginning at the setting-up of the council. Secretary H.M. Mackintosh. April 1977 - March 1978 (October 1977 missing). [MS] [Photocopy]. /2 Auchtermuchty and Strathmiglo Community Council minutes, beginning at the setting-up of the council. 14 July 1977 - 6 March 1978. /3 Press clippings, some mounted on paper, mainly from the Fife Herald, concerning community councils in Fife. c.1977. /4 Howe of Fife Community Contacts, 1981. Directory of Voluntary Organisations. /5 Cupar Community Contacts, 1982. Directory of Voluntary Organisations.

Material relating to the SS Vega

Correspondence, newspaper cuttings and other related documents relating to the raising of the wrecked ship, 'Vega'. The 'Vega' was the first ship to navigate the Northeast Passage in 1879-1880 under the famous Swedish explorer, Erik Nordenski246ld. Built in 1872, the 'Vega' was later used as a whaler in Norway [Norway belonged to Sweden at the time] before being sold to Robert Ferguson who registered the ship in Dundee in 1903. The 'Vega' sank in ice 3 May, 1903, in Melville Bay off Greenland, and her crew of 45 travelled 300 miles over ice to safety. A plan to raise the 'Vega' was undertaken by the Swedish Royal Institute of Technology in the 1990s. [See also MS 73/13 p.93.] /1 Correspondence relating to the attempts of Bengt Grisell to purchase the 'Vega', c.1992-1994. Includes letters to Alice Kerr, granddaughter of Robert Ferguson. [Photocopies] /2 Documents relating mainly to the crew of the 'Vega', 1903. Includes Seaman's Register of Seamen engaged on the 'Vega', 9 April, 1903, and extracts from Lloyd's Register. [Photocopies] /3 Newspaper cuttings and leaflets relating to the sinking of the 'Vega' and to the plans to raise her, 1903, 1954, c.1994. [Photocopies]. Includes a photograph of the 'Vega' in Dundee harbour in 1903, held in Dundee District Libraries, Photographic Collection. /4 Photocopy of a photograph of Bengt Grisell, n.d.

Miscellaneous articles, reprints and photocopies of articles, etc., relating mainly to Tayside and Fife.

/1 "Saving Firms from the Graveyard". A profile of Lewis Robertson; from The Scotsman 30 October, 1990. /2 "Major Blow for Arbroath Industry". Report on receivership of Francis Webster and Sons Limited, giving brief history of the Arbroath firm; from the Dundee Courier, 1991. [Photocopy]. /3 "A Stooshie on the Stack", short item on the width of the cornice on Cox's Stack in Lochee; from "The Craigie Column" in the Dundee Courier, 16 September 1991. /4 "G.F. Bodley and St Salvador's", article by Anthony N.R. Symondson, on the Episcopal church in Dundee and its architect; from Bulletin of the Scottish Georgian Society, 1972. Vol. I. [Photocopy]. /5 "Ships Built by Alexander Stephen & Sons at Arbroath" and "at Dundee" and "At Kelvinhaugh" (1830-1893); from "List of Ships Built in the Various Yards", n.d. [Photocopy]. /6 "Making Light of Everything: Early Photography of the Middle East and Current Photomania", by Paul E. Chevedden; from Mesa Bulletin, 1984. [Photocopy]. /7 "The Wheelers of Arncroach: A Family of Furniture Makers in Fife", by Lindsay Macbeth; from Regional Furniture, Vol. V, 1991. [Photocopy]. /8 "Notes on Past Presidents of the Dundee Chamber of Commerce (1835-1935)"; from Dundee Chamber of Commerce Centenary Souvenir, 1935. [Photocopy]. /9 "Robert Owen and the Stanley Mills", 1802-1811, by A.J. Cooke; from Business History, Vol. XXI, No. 1, January 1979. /10 "Robert Cochrane Buist"; from Ten Tayside Doctors, by John Blair. [Photocopy]. /11 "The Dundee and Newtyle Railway", Part I: "Promotion and Management, 1825-1846" by S.G.E. Lythe; & Part II: "Engineering and Operation" by Charles E. Lee; from The Railway Magazine, August and October 1951. [Photocopy]. /12 "The Organ in Scotland before 1700", by Jim Inglis; from Uitgeveru "Die Mixtuur", Schagen (Holland), 1991. [Photocopy]. /13 "Dundee Nautical Instrument Makers"; from unidentified work. Refers to Alexander Cameron; Peter Airth Feathers; George Lowdon, n.d. [Photocopy]. /14 "Other Pioneers of Invention: George Lowdon"; from James Bowman Lindsay and other Pioneers of Invention, by A.H. Millar, Pub. Malcolm C. MacLeod, Dundee, 1925. [Photocopy]. /15 Lowdons Electrical Services: 1876-1976: History of firm with particular reference to founder, George Lowdon. Pamphlet, 1976. [Photocopy]. /16 "Websters' History", by Judith Sutherland: History of a weaving family of Arbroath and family firm Francis Webster & Sons (Textiles) Ltd.; n.d. [Photocopy]. /17 Information leaflet: Textiles and Clothing Sector Information, Local Action for Textiles and Clothing, No. 1, November 1989. /18 Index to "The Romance of Jute", by D.R. Wallace, 1909. [S677.13 / W 188]. [Photocopy]. /19 Contents pages of "A Century's Progress in Jute Manufacture 1833-1933", by Thomas Woodhouse and Alexander Brand. 1934. [ULD S 677.13 / W 889]. [Photocopy]. /20 "Dundee Advertiser Centenary Memoir" by Alexander H. Millar (per Professor J. E. A. Steggall 1882-1933). Extracts from book, 1901, including "Municipal Progress"; "Extent of Dundee in 1801"; "The Dundee Linen Trade": "Jute Spinning and Weaving"; "Dundee Preserves Industry"; "Dundee Shipping". Illustrated. [ULD S 079.413 / 1 / M 645 (1) & (2)]. [Photocopy]. /21 Extracts from Dundee Year Book for 1890 (1891), section entitled "Dundee-Its Arts and Industries", including "Jute Spinning and Weaving"; Linen-weaving"; Dyeing and Bleaching"; "Calendering"; Hacklemaking"; "Engineering"; "Shipbuilding and Marine Engineering"; "Iron Shipbuilding"; "Seal and Whale Fishing"; "Leather Manufactures"; "The Timber Trade"; "Building Trades"; "Printing"; "The Grinding of Flour and Meal"; "Brewing"; "Fruit-Preserving and Confectionery Manufacture"; "The Harbour"; "University College, Dundee"; "The Baxter Technical Institute"; "Population". With extracts from 1890-91 Dundee Year Book, concerning "The Publications of Dundee". [Photocopies]. /22 Extracts from "Jute 1933", including "A Tree of Jute (published by the Dundee Chamber of Commerce)"; "Success of First Jute Exhibitions; and "Jute Trade Associations" [also in German]. [Photocopy]. /23 "Perthshire Pioneer of Anti-Inflammatory Agents" by William K. Stewart and L.W. Fleming. Biography of Dr T.J. Maclagan, pioneer of aspirin. Offprint from Scottish Medical Journal, 1987. /24 "Dr David Kinloch: Mediciner to his Majestie, James VI" by K.G. Lowe. Offprint from Scottish Medical Journal, 1991. [Photocopy]. /25 Typescript entitled "Lonotes-32", author unknown, concerning possible Edward Burne-Jones / William Morris stained-glass windows in St Luke's Church, Broughty Ferry. 14 January 1988. /26 Extracts from "Letters from India and Ceylon" by Sir John Leng, M.P. 1895-96, comprising Contents, map of Hooghly River, and "Visits to Jute Mills: Samnuggur, Titaghur and Victoria". [Photocopy]. /27 Drawings of Nethergate House (1790), and 166 Nethergate (c1818), taken from 19th Century Mansions in the Dundee Area, by David M. Walker, 1958. [Photocopies]. /28 Arms of the City and Royal Burgh of Dundee: Heraldic Drawing [colour] with explanatory note. [Recorded 1932; no date for drawing]. /29 Dundee Summer Festival: Recreation and Hobbies Exhibition, 1993. [Leaflet]. /30 "Jute Industries Heritage". Poem by Anna MacDonald, June 1993. /31 "Wages of Manufacturing Labour in Dundee", extract from The Scotsman, Edinburgh, 1820. [Photocopy]. /32 Port of Dundee: A Short History. Booklet containing history of the port of Dundee, published by Dundee Port Authority to commemorate 150 years of port operations as a public trust, 1830-1980. [8pp.] [Photocopy]. /33 Key to the Literature on Jute and the Jute Industry, by R.J. Cruickshank. Published by The British Jute Trade Research Association. 1964. [10pp.] [Photocopy]. /34 Industries of Tayside: The Story of Jute, by Colin Gibson. 195? [29pp.] [Photocopy]. /35 Shipping lists extracted from Dundee Directories [not held in University College, Dundee]. [Photocopies]. (1) From 1809 Directory (including ships built in years 1746-1808). (2) From 1846 Directory (including ships built in years 1767-1846). /36 Lochee Red Cross Hospital Pierrot Troup, Christmas 1915. Photograph featuring W. Cox; Mrs W. Allan; Bess Carmichael; Nell Methven; Renee Cox. [Photocopy]. /37 "Halloween": Poem in Scots by Anna MacDonald. Taken from Tayside Education Matters, Issue No. 83, 25 October 1993, Tayside Regional Council. [Photocopies] /38 Extracts from The Dundee Courier and Dundee Evening Telegraph, September - October 1985, concerning staging of play "They Fairly Mak Ye Work", by Billy Kay, based on the life of Sarah Craig, former jute worker; and controversy over date of photograph of workers. [Photocopies] /39 "Receivers move in to crisis-hit Gray's". Extract from Dundee Courier and Advertiser, June 1994, concerning appointment of receivers and laying off of personnel at Charles Gray (Builders) Ltd, Dundee. [Photocopy] /40 "Those are all my Pennies down there ...", by Philip Ives, who "recalls a life in the motorcycle trade, north of the border and, the riding skills of the proprietors, the famous Mr and Mrs George McLean" (of Dundee). From Old Bike, c.1993. [Photocopy] /41 "Restored Barque to be star attraction" by Eric McKenzie, from The Scotsman, September 1993, concerning return and renaming of ship 'Glenlee' as centrepiece of Maritime Heritage Centre at Govan. /42 "The textile Industry's importance to Tayside's economy", concerning Dundee Fabrics; "The shop in the factory", concerning Thomson, Shepherd, & Co.; and "Clothes - teabags - shoe liners - They can all be made from polypropylene", concerning Filtrona Textile Products, Ltd. Advertising feature on textiles, taken from Dundee Courier and Advertiser, 23 May 1979. /43 "Angus Industrial Review", featuring Don Brothers, Buist & Co. Ltd; and Wm Duff & Sons Ltd (Forfar); Don & Low Ltd, Moray Firth Maltings and Giddings & Lewis-Fraser Ltd (Arbroath); R.B. Farquhar, etc. (Montrose). Advertising Supplement taken from Dundee Courier and Advertiser, 27 June 1979. /44 "Fears for future of Tay Spinners". From Dundee Courier and Advertiser, 15 December 1994, concerning possible withdrawal of insurance cover for Tay Spinners, Ltd, due to high number of claims resulting from workplace accidents. /45 Three-Page Textiles Advertising Feature, including: "Tayside firms challenge"; "The world in textiles"; "Growing future for fibre industry", by Mr William Low, Chairman, Association of Jute Spinners and Manufacturers (these articles more to do with artificial fibres than jute); "Reorganisation has paid off for Sidlaw Textiles". Taken from Dundee Courier and Advertiser, 10 May 1978. /46 "Camperdown Works - council to buy?". Clipping from Dundee Courier and Advertiser. n.d. /47 "Losses mount at Titaghur Jute". Clipping from the Scotsman [?], 24 September 1986. /48 "Plans to revitalise jute company". Clipping, concerning R. John Brealey and his plans for Titaghur Jute Factory, from Dundee Courier and Advertiser, 21 October 1988. /49 "The great Indian take-away". Profile of Reg Brealey of Titaghur Jute, and account of their purchase of Knoydart Estate. Clipping from Scotland on Sunday,18 April 1993. /50 "David Winter taken over after 188 years". Clipping from Dundee Courier and Advertiser, 12 April 1986. /51 "Dundee author dies aged 83". Obituary of David A. McMurchie, from Dundee Courier and Advertiser. 1986. /52 "Dr Charles Moon, Dundee". Clipping from The Wizard of the North, 31 January, 1894, about Dr Charles Moon, born 1843, and his work which especially relates to epidemics. /53 3 clippings relating to Mrs. Vine M. Strachan, landlady of 'Strachan's Bar', Small's Wynd, Dundee, demolished to make way for Queen's College extension. (1) "The end of 'the happy pub'", from The People's Journal, 24 August, 1957. (2) "'Ma' Strachan, at 82, still going strong", from Courier and Advertiser, 7 November 1964. (3) "Four Generations Behind the Bar", from The Evening Telegraph, 18 November 1966. /54 Obituary of James Pearman, organist at St Paul's Church and St Andrews Roman Catholic Cathedral. Died 3 April 1880. Taken from Dundee Courier [?]. The page includes a copy of the obituary of Archibald Paul, solicitor. Died 14 May 1885. /55 Account of serpent seen by fishermen aboard the 'Catherine' at Broughty Ferry in 1892. Photocopy of page from In the Wake of the Sea Serpents by Bernard Huevelmans. London: Rupert Hart-Davis, 1968.

Miscellaneous Manuscripts

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A collection of miscellaneous manuscripts and records deposited with Archive Services

University of Dundee Archive Services

Monro Family, Edinburgh Medical School

(1) Notes on John Monro and Alexander Monro (primus) 1697-1767, (secundus) 1733-1817 and (tertius) 1773-1859 from History of Scottish Medicine, John D. Comrie, Vol. 1 (1932). AWANTING. (2) Notes from entries in Pybus Collection Catalogue (University of Durham) on lectures in anatomy and physiology by Alexander Monro (secundus) c1770. [See also MS 15/17]. AWANTING. (3) Notes from "Doctor Monro-A Medical Saga", by Rex E. Wright, St. Clair, Wellcome Historical Medical Library, London. 1964. AWANTING.

Notice of meeting

Notice of a special meeting of the Dundee and District Union of Jute and Flax Workers, held in the Y.M.C.A. Hall, Wednesday 6 March 1935

Papers relating to relating to Jewish people in Dundee

Correspondence and notes relating to Jewish people in Dundee. /1 Correspondence, lists and notes relating to Jewish citizens of Dundee from 1820, compiled between 1990-1991. /2 Personal notes by Judy Greig, Secretary for Student Administration in the Faculty of Medicine at Dundee, 1945-1976, relating to American Jewish students at Dundee and St Andrews.

Poems by James K. Annand and James Anderson

Photocopies of poems by James K. Annand and James Anderson, [n.d.], with letter and note relating to their deposit by Iain Smart, Department of Anatomy, University of Dundee. (1) 'Elegie sur le despart de la Royne Marie retournant à son Royaume d'Escosse', by [Pierre de] Ronsard, c.1561. With accompanying translation into Scots, 'Elegy on the depairture o Mary Queen o Scots on her retour til her kinrick o Scotland', by James K. Annand. (Photocopied from a hand made book of which only about six copies were prepared by James K. Annand. n.d.). (2) Untitled poem in Scots by James K. Annand, begins: 'Hodie mihi cras tibi. That's what it says on a nearby stane'. Satire on the subject of burial. n.d. [Photocopy]. (3) Sawney's Letters, or Cariboo Rhymes. From 1864 to 1868. By James Anderson. [Photocopy]. Reproduction of the title heading of the first edition of Sawney's Letters, 1868. The letters first printed in the office of the Cariboo Sentinel at Barkersville, on William Creek, B.C., in 1868, are reproduced in mimeographed form by the Bibliographical Society of Canada, with an introduction by W. Kaye Lamb, Dominion Archivist, Toronto, Canada. 1950. Includes an introduction by W. Kaye Lamb and a poem by Sawney, 'Farewell!', 24 November 1871. With explanatory note by Dr Smart, dated 25.5.83, stating, 'Born in Coupar Angus. Went to B.C. and wrote poems to brother in Fife'. (4) Letter, [June 1983], from Iain Smart to Dundee University Archivist, referring to (1) and (3) above.
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