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Alexander Low, photo-journalist and Low family papers
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‘American branch of Chabots’

Papers of various members of the Chabot family in USA, mostly comprising letters and cards to AG and Annie Low:

(1) George Stooks Chabot: Photocard of Mrs G Chabot, 1860s; photocard of wife Mary,1874; letter from George Chabot, San Antonio, to his nephew Aleck relating to his sons, 1883; photocard, probably of Mary, later 19C; photocards of young boys [George and Charles], 1870s; family photograph of George, Mary, young George and Charles, 1870s and letter from George Chabot, San Antonio, to his nephew Aleck regarding money, 1899

(2) Lucille Low Chabot: Portrait photograph of Lucille as a young adult, 19C; Invitation to Lucy’s wedding, 1916, containing £500 cheque, 1889; photograph featuring Lucille, her husband Dr Harry Mitchell and AG Low, [c1916]; letter from Lucille, Fresno with two photographs to Alex, London, thanking him for his congratulations, 1916; Christmas letter card from Lucille, Fresno to Annie, London, 1945

(3) Fred Charles Chabot: Letters [18] to Alix (sic) and Annie Low in England from Berlin, San Antonio, Nice, Athens, Rio de Janeiro, New York and Mexico, relating to his travels, especially during WW1, personal and family news, 1909-1937; picture postcards [23] featuring Fred as a baby, postcards from Spain and France, plus unknown outdoor scenes, 1891-nd,; 'With the Makers of San Antonio, Genealogies of Early San Antonio Families’ by Frederick C Chabot, 1937

(4) George Alexander Chabot: Note of Lucile Low Chabot’s family with photograph of her sent to ‘Aunt & Uncle Low’, 1895; New Year greetings card to cousin Alex from GA Chabot and Lucile, 1900; letter to cousin Alex from GA Chabot in Beaumont announcing his father’s death, 1902; letters [4] to AG Low from his cousin George A in Fresno, regarding his health, raisins sent, the war in Europe and family deaths, 1914-1920; Christmas greetings cards [3], sent by GA Chabot, 20th cent; letters to Cousin Alex from GA Chabot, Fresno, with news of his health; letters [4] to cousin Alex from GA Chabal, San Antonio, about Lucile’s visit, family news and reference to the Depression, 1931 and 1933

(5) Charles Jasper Chabot; Letter to Aleck (sic) referring to his father’s death, his new typewriter business and other family news, 1902; letter with photograph and press cutting on the drowning of his wife, Lillie and their son, Charlie, 1907; letters [2] to cousin Aleck with his family news, 1912; letters [5] from CJ, San Antonio, to cousin Aleck (sic) in London with family news, and reference to the war and Jerald’s (sic) ‘disappearance’, 1912-1916; letter with invitation to daughter Edith’s wedding, 1919

(6) Mary ‘Maria’ Chabot: Letters from Maria, France and USA, to Cousin Annie, London with personal news, 1938-1939; letter with photograph of Maria to Mrs Low from Dorothy Stewart [1938?]

(7) Sara Chabot, nee Bardo: Sketch family tree of Christine Chabot and Cecil Smith, nd; birth announcement of a son to Nellie Chabot nee Warden, nd; letter to Mr Low from Sara announcing her husband’s death, 1909

(8) Photocards, mostly unidentified members of the American side of the Chabot family, 19C

Alexander Hally (1786-1847)

(1) ‘Doutrina Christa ordenada á maneira de dialogo para ensinar os meninos’, [Christa Doctrine ordered in the form of dialogue to teach children], 1800
(2) Confirmation of Alexander Hally as consul for Sardinia, 1831 [Portuguese]
(3) Scrapbook album of ‘E Hally’ containing verses, illustrations of flora and fauna, views and portraits, 1835-1840
(4) Confirmation of Alexander Hally, 1837 [Portuguese]
(5) ‘Madeira Illustrated by Andrew Picken with a Description of the Island ‘, volume with plates of etchings and text, 1842 [damaged]
(6) ‘Recollections of Madeira dedicated to Mrs Geo[rge] Stoddart’, volume of lithographic prints, many by Andrew Picken [1840s] [damaged]
(7) Letter to Dr Halley, Leeds, from lawyers in Madeira relating to his father's estate papers, 1847
(8) Annotated copy of ‘In the Prerogative Court of Canterbury’ ‘In the Goods of Alexander Hally deceased’, and copy, detailing Hally’s executors, 1847
(9) Parchment, ‘Administration with will annexed as retained in papers of A&B of the Goods of Alexander Hally Esquire decd’ and accompanying letter, 1847
(10) Account of charges attending the administration of Hallys’ will, [1847]
(11) Inland Revenue Residuary Account of Hally’s estate, 1849

Alexander Low, photo-journalist and Low family papers

  • MS 458
  • Fonds
  • 1723-2022
Papers and photographic archive of Alexander JS Low, photo-journalist. Also originals and some copies of journals, correspondence, legal and financial papers, photographs, artworks and research documents created by individuals of the Low, Chabot, Beke and West families.

Low, Chabot, Beke, Halley, Harland, West, Richardson & Gregory families


(1) ‘Glenfarne Hall, 1884’ [Country residence of Sir Edward Harland believed to have been painted by his niece Annie Halley]
(2) Annie Halley, sketchbooks [3] of drawings and watercolours, featuring landscapes, seascapes and buildings across Britain, 1885-1895
(3) Bundle of watercolour paintings of landscapes, nd


(1) Alexander G Low’s sketchbooks of drawings and watercolours, featuring scenes and details, landscapes, seascapes and buildings of countries across the UK, Europe, North Africa, the Caribbean and the Americas, 1887-1935
(2) Bundle of landscapes sketches by AG Low, [1920s]
(3) AG Low’s sketchpad of his travels, featuring La Hormiga Cotton Factory, Mexico, 1928-1929

Chabot family miscellanea

Material found among Chabot papers:
(1) Indenture papers [2] for Francis Sayer to George Vincent, soapmaker, 1723,1735
(2) ‘Mexico papers’: Narratives and letters, with ms copy of Moore’s Irish Melodies and modern notes on potential identities of the authors, 1824-1844
(3) Scrapbook of Mary Constance Dayman (1837-1854) featuring pastoral prints and sketches, with modern note explaining relationship to PJ Chabot
(4) Empty envelope addressed to Mrs Chabot, Spitalfield, annotated, 1852
(5) Envelope addressed to Chabot, Spitalfield containing stamps and annoted inside, 1853
(6) Cross-written letter [1854] names illegible – possibly to Edith Chabot?
(7) ‘At Sea’ Verses ‘written for the ‘City of Rome Express and published, June 29 1887’ and ‘Sea Weed’ verse, by MC Chabot, Eastbourne 1887
(8) Annotated visiting card, Miss Augusta Flower, nd
(9) Sheet of seals, nd
(10) Mounted photograph of portrait of Jaques Chabot (b1678) with biography on reverse, 1907
(11) Huguenot Society dinner menu, 1918
(12) Photograph of ship entering Valetta harbour, 1930s

Chabot genealogical and research material

(1) Damaged and annotated copies [3 sheets, 1 roll] of the Genealogy of Chabot (English Branch) and (English & American Branches), with modern sketch tree, nd
(2) ‘Genealogy of Chabot (English Branch)’, covering 18th to 19th centuries, printed and mounted, early 20th cent [damaged]
(3) ‘Chabot 1’ and ‘Chabot 2’, bound copies of typescript, ‘History of the Chabot Family from 1040 to the Present Day’, 1904
(4) List of early members of the Chabot family, starting 1218, nd
(5) Rubbing of herald, ‘"potius mori quam foedari", nd
(6) Note of headstone inscription of Alfred (d 1908) and Emma Chabot (d1921), nd
(7) 'Mercanti inglesi a Malta 1800-1825', Franco Angeli, 1990
(8) 'The Malta Chamber of Commerce 1848-1979', Carmel Vassallo, 1998
(9) Copy extracts of wills of members of the Chabot and Beke families, 1766-1850, from the National Archives, c2010
(10) Copies of documents, c1803- c1816 from the National Archives of Malta relating to James Chabot, c2010
(11) ‘James Chabot in Malta c1804-1816' CD containing 14 scans of documents from the Malt Archive, c2010
(12) Rolls [3] of Peter Finch’s Chabot genealogy: ‘Top half AF Low’s branch’, c2010
(13) File of correspondence, copies of photographs and archives, and genealogies of English branch of the Chabots, noting links with other families, like Admiral Smyth, c2007-2011. With research papers relating to Beek family, 2008-2013
(14) ‘Malta from 3/2011 visit’ tourist ephemera, c2010
(15) Copy typescript, 1904 ‘History of the Chabot Family from 1040 to the Present Day’, c2010
(16) Photograph of cover of 'The Sources of the Nile by Charles T Beke', nd
(17) Photograph of plaque featuring portrait of Claudius Dr Chabot, nd
(18) Postcard to AJS Low about finding the grave of James Chabot and the house of ‘grandfather Gregory’, 2015

Charles Philip Chabot (1814-1881)

(1) Photocard portraits, many of Charles, and others sent to him from friends, 1873
(2) Extracts confirming births and baptisms of James, Harriet and Charles in Malta, 1814, with accompanying letter from Edith Chabot. Also letter confirming finding the marriage entry for James Chabot and Harriet Beek, 1878
(3) Copy of 1821 baptismal entry for George Stooks Chabot, with accompanying letter to CP Chabot, 1878
(4) Postcard to Charles from Malaga, 1881
(5) Lists of accounts of CP Chabot’s estate, 1881-1882
(6) News cutting notice to creditors of CP Chabot’s estate, 1882,
(7) Outline of Charles Chabot’s life, nd


(1) Letters from AH Low, mainly while at St Clare’s School, Kent, to his parents, 1902-1905
(2) Letters concerning AH Low going to Boyne House, Cheltenham, of his progress and going on to King’s College to study engineering, with College prospectus details, 1905-1909
(3) Letters from AH Low, Boyne House, Cheltenham. to his parents, with his general news, including references to his photography prize and shooting skills, postcard congratulating Alex on passing his exam, 1907-1910
(4) Note, target and ‘shooting colours’, 1910
(5) Postcards to and from AH Low and birthday greetings with modern notes, from members of the Harland and Duckworth families, 1910-1913
(6) Letters from AH Low, Sidney Sussex College, to his father, with blank photocards of the College and OJC camp, 1912-1913
(7) Letter, with calculations on reverse, concerning payment to AH Low of legacy left to him by Mrs Halley, 1913
(8) Letters from AH Low in Canada to his parents while preparing surveying trip under Dr Bosworth, describing life in Canada, asking his mother not to disclose the location of the survey and noting news of the war and its impact, 1914, with modern copy of photograph of men in canoe
(9) Postcards sent to AH Low, mostly from friends, 1914-1971
(10) Letters to his parents, describing his army training, and from his hospital bed in Ireland, [1914] – 1918
(11) Postcards from family members to Alex, 1915-1918
(12) Postcards sent to AH Low when he was in England, Ireland, Canada and Peru, 1918-1927
(13) Picture postcards from AH Low in Canada to his parents, with blank cards, 1919
(14) Letters, with photocopies, to Mr Low from children of St Peter’s Mission, Canada, 1920,
(15) Letters from AH Low in Canada to his mother, most written about his health and his treatment, with photograph of Bishop Lucas and his wife, 1922 [AHL returned to Canada in 1922 with thoughts of becoming a missionary in NWT Canada, source: Philpott/Low]
(16) Letters to his parents, sent while they were travelling, with news of 1924 strikes, personal and family news, particularly of David and Frank, and one from a nursing home describing how his Christian faith helps with the pain, 1924-1930
(17) Postcards to AH Low relating to non-domestic matters, 1925-1974
(18) Letters and postcard from AH Low to Dorothy [future wife], 1927-1931
(19) Postcard to his mother whilst on a trip to Wales, 1933
(20) Letter to the Invasion Defence Officer expressing his reluctance to inform them of the contents of his properties as ‘Since the outbreak of the present war, my properties have been broken into, or entered by burglars, on 13 occasions, and a large number of articles stolen…’, 1942
(21) Letter from Sergeant Cyril Creed [to AH Low?] with general news, 1946
(22) Letters of condolence on his mother's [Annie Low] death, including from William Harland, 1946
(23) Acknowledgement post cards from cousin James GC Low, 1950, 1956


(1) Letters and postcards between Annie and her friends and family, including letter to her mother with a sketch, and one, 1915, from R Heuff [French], and from Mary Willis, 1874-1945
(2) Letters to Alick [AG Low] just prior to their marriage with a wedding invitation and card of wedding hymns, 1891


(1) Letter from Charles W Low to ‘Papa’ from his school, detailing his news, 1868
(2) Letter to his nieces and nephews thanking them for their wedding gift, [1900]
(3) Note about ‘our Crest’, 1903
(4) Wellington Court address cards, post 1904
(5) Short letter to brother Alick of general news, 1908
(6) Reference for J Fraser as ‘motor driver’, 1916
(7) Postcard to Lieut. AH Low, [1917?]


(1) Letter to Matthew West, Royal Horse Artillery, in India from [??], Burma asking if he would agree to having a ‘protegee’, 1871
(2) Letters [2] to Mrs West, London, from her husband at Fort Camden, with news of money, friends and his health ‘I ought to pull round, with a true devoted wife, doing all she can, & try to be some use as a husband & a father, instead of as at present, useless to myself & everybody else’, Ireland, 1884
(3) Letter from MR West to his daughter after learning of her accident, 1891
(4) Letter of thanks and news to Col MR West, India, from J Ashley [Cubit?], 1894
(5) Letter to Colonel West praising GA West’s service in Sierra Leone and shouldn’t find any difficulty applying to go to Nigeria once he is recovered from his fever, 1899
(6) Letter to Colonel West from the War Office advising his son, George, applies to the Garrison Artillery where he might determine to live less expensively, 1899
(7) Letters [2] from Dublin relating to Col West's genealogy, 1907, 1911
(8) Letters relating to Col West’s health containing reports, concerns about his correspondence [1914-1915?], and copy of West’s request about his will, 1914
(9) Letter and lists relating to pictures donated by Colonel West to the Calvary Club, 1915
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