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Dr Alastair R. Ross papers
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About the Artist, Exhibitions and Works

/1 Artist in Studio, Half Figure Studies and Religious Works. This includes photographs of Alastair Ross in his studio taken by Joseph McKenzie in 1966. Also half figure studies of painter William C. M. Cadenhead, Margaret Black and Katherine. Religious works include 'Head of Christ' and 'Madonna and Christchild.'

/2 Miscellaneous material including books such as 'Highland Art: A Window to the West' and books containing pictures of his works,. Also photographs of Alastair Ross, proposals for different universities about 'A Strategy for the Visual Arts' and a letter from the V&A Dundee thanking him for his gift.

/3 Torsos, Abstract Works, Photographs of Artist in Various Locations and Events and Artist Drawings. Includes photographs of sculptures such as Valerie, the Gordon Matthewson Memorial Trophy, Mother and Child. Also photographs of Alastair at the Royal Scots Academy and of Alastair on the day of his Honorary Doctorate Graduation from University of Abertay in July 2003. Also drawings of various places in Malta such as St. Julian's Harbour and City Walls Medina and photographs of torso sculptures such as the 'Dancing Figure' and 'Arethusa'.

/4 Newspaper cuttings, including various cuttings from newspapers about Alastair Ross's works, exhibitions and awards.

Correspondence and involvement with various organisations and charities

/1 Correspondence, including various letters from many different people thanking him for attending events, asking him about his work, asking for autographs and congratulating him on the various awards he has won., 1960s-earlt 2000's. Also duplicates of correspondence previously lodged with the Royal Scottish Academy.

/2 Ross's involvement with various charities and organisations includes letters from various charities including the City of Dundee Burgess Charity and the University of Dundee. There are also a number of journals from The Royal Society of British Sculptors and correspondence between Alastair and the Royal Society of British Sculptors.

Dr Alastair R. Ross papers

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  • 20th-21st century
The collection includes photographs of his architectural work, portrait heads, slightly abstract figures and full figure studies including works such as Aurora, Sir Malcolm Innes (Lord Lyon King of Arms) and the "Spirit of Scotland" award. Also photographs of Ross in his studio, at events and exhibitions, including photos taken by Joseph McKenzie in 1966. Photographs of his religious works such as 'Head of Christ' and 'Madonna and Christchild.' There are also ephemera relating to his exhibitions such as the One-man Retrospective, University of Abertay 2003 plus correspondence with various people, newscuttings and journals from The Royal Society of British Sculptors.

Dr Alastair R. Ross

Dr Alastair R. Ross Works

/1 Architectural works including photographs of baptismal fonts, armorial bearings of H.S.H Furst Zur Lifpe (Prince of Lippe) Grand Marshall of the Order of St. Lazarus, Aurora, The Flax Weaver and King and Queen.

/2 Portrait heads, including photographs of portraits of many women including Wendy Irvine, Virginia, Susan, Pamela and Nicola Rutherford. Some of the portraits of the women are unnamed. There are also portraits of men including one of Sir Malcolm Innes of Edingight, Lord Lyon, King of Arms.

/3 Slightly Abstract Figures and Full Figure Studies which includes the dancing figure, 'Spirit of Scotland' award 1998, Etruscan Figure and Niobe.


/1 Exhibition views, invitations and small posters which include posters about exhibitions at the Royal Glasgow Institute of the Fine Arts, University of Abertay Exhibitions and Figuratively Speaking. There are also photographs of Alastair attending various exhibitions, plus photographs of his works at multiple exhibitions, including an exhibition in the McManus Galleries in Dundee and brochure of his one-man exhibition at Glasgow Caledonian University [2011?]

/2 One-man Retrospective Exhibition, University of Abertay 2003. This includes advertising posters, invitations and newspaper cuttings all about the event