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Dr Charlie Dixon collection
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Letters and cards including a letter from the Ministry of Labour and National Service regarding deferment under the arrangement for men with first class honours degree in science or engineering, 1957 and letters from colleagues and students, both local and international.

Dr Charlie Dixon collection

  • UR-SF 78
  • Collection
  • 1952-2009
Lecture notes, teaching aids, correspondence, personal papers, invitations and membership cards related Charlie Dixon's time at the University of Dundee; papers and correspondence relating to international teaching posts; photographs and papers relating to Margaret Dixon's employment at Maryfield Hospital and Dundee College of Commerce; photographs and emphermera relating to Charlie Dixon.

Dr Charlie Dixon

Dundee College of Commerce papers including Dundee College of Further Education and Dundee Commercial College

Folder of papers and correspondence relating to Dundee College of Further Education, Dundee Commercial College and Dundee College of Commerce. Includes list a major prize winners 1961-1962; college magazines and newletters; Booklets from the official opening of Dundee College of Commerce, 1970; 'Staff Scene'; photograph of Dundee College of Commerce staff outing to Pitlochry; 'Ecco' magazines; freshers' handbooks; 'Focus' newsletters; Dundee College of Commerce prospectus 1985-86; staff handbooks; invitations and events.

Margaret Dixon

Dundee Jute Industries Pipe Band images and Bowbridge Works attendance register with sheet music

Photographs and transparencies of Dundee Jute Industries Pipe Band and works outing c1950-1960; Register with inserted sheet music, inside cover notes, 'Attendance register, probably form Bowbridge Works, Dundee. Acquired by James Dixon, a metal-worker at Bowbridge Works, and used by his son Charlie Dixon, a member of Jute Industries Pipe Band, to keep pipe music scores' dated May 1947 - September 1949 and includes names of weavers.

Invitations and events, University of Dundee

Event programmes, invitiation and menus related to the University of Dundee. Includes invited to the Installation of the Chancellor Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother, 1967, University Burns Suppers, and public lecture programmes.

Maryfield Hospital papers

Photographs of staff and patients of Maryfield Hospital; magazine excerpt 'Party Time' of Princess Margaret's visit to Maryfield Hospital; copies of newscuttings of Maryfield Hospital staff, and Hospitals' Christmas Carol Concert brochures, 1996 and 2005.

Margaret Dixon

Mathematics, Meteorology and Theoretical Mechanics

Lecture notes, examination papers, teaching aids and correspondence relating to Dr Dixon's time teaching at the University of Dundee including the topics of mathermatical sciences, meteorology & the weather, and theoretical mechanics. Includes weather related papers sent to Dr Dixon whilst at the University of Dundee.

Other UK & International teaching and related papers

Papers and correspondence relating to University of St Andrews, 1964-1966, Kingswood College, University of Western Australia including Casey '69 , college pamphlets, University church service programme 1974, Gazette, 1969; Imperial College of Science and Technology; Hamilton College, New York, 1971; Stevens Institute of technology, New Jersey 1971; Gettysburg College, Pennsylvania 1971; American Association for the Advancement of Science, 1971; New Mexico State University, 1980.

Personal papers

Papers relating to Charlie Dixon's time as a student at University College and personal correspondence from family, friends, colleagues & students.


Photographs including Charlie's time as a student at University of St Andrews; a photograph of Dundee Jute Industries Pipe Band which includes names of some of the pipers, c1955; Kingswood College, Western Australia 1969 & 1974; Student Charities Campaign, University of Dundee; photographs of Charlie's time teaching at the University of Western Australia; photographs of family friends; family photographs and Dr Dixon's retiral party.

Travel related papers

Papers and travel notes varying in detail relating to trips abroad including Moscow, Israel, Hong Kong, Katmandu and Singapore; Diary of a Cycling Tour May 2-21 1970 by R B M Levick; notes on a trip to Perth Prison (presumed to be Perth,Western Austrailia); Australian Youth Hostel Association membership card, 1974.

Undergraduate and postgraduate papers

Undergraduate and postgraduate papers relating to Charlie Dixon's time as a student. Includes bursay card issued by the Corporation of Dundee Education committee; Scottish Universities Entrance Board certificate, 1952; Certificates of Merit 1953-1956; notebooks covering chemistry, physics, dynamics, analytic geometry, alegbra and science; papers relating the graduation ceremonies in 1957 and 1965;

University of Dundee related papers

Department handbooks for various University departments; School Liaison; Extra- mural Education classes; campus maps; mathermatics summer school, 1967 - 1968; Thesis by R J Y McLeod titled ' Basis Functions For Curved Elements in the Finite Element Method' for the Degree of Doctor of Philosophy, University of Dundee 1972.