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John Berridge, Senior Lecturer, Department of Political Science and Social Policy, University of Dundee
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Constitutional reform

Study of Parliament Group', folder containing various papers of studies of parliament groups, 1970. 'Study of Parliament Group & Exeter College Weekend', folder containing notes on the 'Scottish model' and reform, 1971. 'SCC Submissions', folder containing Scottish Constitutional Committee submissions, n.d. 'Scottish Constitutional CTTEE Correspondence', folder containing correspondence to and from Berridge relating to Scottish Conservative and Unionist Central Office and devolution, 1968-1976 'Devolution: Policy Group', various Government of Scotland Policy Group reports to the Constitutional Committee, 1968. '1975', folder containing notes on the machinery of government in Scotland and devolution, 1975. '1970-', folder containing studies of Parliament groups and the mechanisms of Scottish government, 1970-1971.

Government of Scotland Policy Group papers

SCC Minutes', folder containing Scottish Constitutional Committee meeting notes from September 1968 to November 1969 'Research Papers 5: Aspects of Parliamentary Reform', booklet, 1973 'Government of Scotland Policy Group: A fuller consideration of the Stormont model', folder containing papers on Scottish finance and policy group workings, 1968 'Revised Draft Reports: Sections 4-10' folder containing reports on Scottish economy, alternative forms of government and finance, various writers, c 1968-1970 'Government of Scotland Policy Group: Devolution Commission', containing papers on regional grand committees and possible reform for Scotland, 1975 'Study of Parliament Group Submissions: Others', various papers on Scottish devolution and regionalism, 1970 'Proposed structure for the reform of government in Scotland', diagram, n.d 'Government of Scotland Policy Group: A Fuller Consideration of the Stormont Model', J.S.B 1968 'The Scottish Constitutional Committee' notes by Sir. Robert Menzies, c 1968 Confidential correspondence from Sir Alec Douglas-Home to the Members of the Committee on Scottish Government, 1968 'Government and Scotland', submission to the Constitutional Committee from Scottish Young Conservatives, 1968 Notes assigned to J.S.B on Scottish parliament elections and constituencies, 1967 'Scottish Assembly & Executive Council: Diagram of Origins & Line of Control', numerous copies of Government of Scotland Policy Group diagram, 1968 'Scottish Legislation from 1945', x2, list of legislative acts in Scotland, 1945-1968 'Table showing makeup of Assembly using representatives from the regions', x2, 1966-1968 'Government of Scotland Policy Group: Size and Composition of the Assembly', c 1968 'Government of Scotland Policy Group: Interim Report', J.S.B 1968 'Government of Scotland Policy Group: Scottish Executive Functions', 1968 'Conclusions' of notes on Scottish devolution, n.d 'The Study of Parliament Group: The Mechanism of Scottish Government; A description and commentary', J.S.B 1971 (x3) 'English Regional Committees in Parliament', letter, 1970 'Study of Parliament Group: Submissions: Others', folder on regional committees for Scotland, Wales, and England, and on constitutional reform, various authors, c 1965-1970

John Berridge, Senior Lecturer, Department of Political Science and Social Policy, University of Dundee

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  • c1962-1998
Fechtschrift' [volume of testimonials mainly from former students] compiled by Kathleen McMillan and Anne Reynolds and presented to John Berridge on his retirement from the University of Dundee, and John Berridge's papers and files relating to research and proposals for the policy group convened to examine Scottish Devolution at the behest of PM Edward Heath.

John Berridge

Mechanism of government in Scotland

Books & Pamphlets', contains booklets and pamphlets concerning the topic of devolution. They cover issues such as 'The Conservative Party and Devolution', Scotland: The Political Choice', and 'Action for Scotland: A Tory Manifesto', 1967-1978 'Own Publications', contains various essays discussing the impact of devolution on Scotland. Most are written by J.S Berridge, examples including 'E.C.P.R Workshop on the European Parliamentary Elections: The Impact on Scotland', 1976-1979 'Scottish Constitutional CTTEE: Policy Group Submissions & Own Notes', contains the Scottish Constitutional Committees own submissions concerning 'the composition of the Assembly', and the 'Scottish Home and Health Department' amongst other topics, 1969 'Government of Scotland Policy Group: Papers & Notes: JSB', contains proposals for a reformed governmental structure in Scotland, and discusses ways in which the developing Scottish Assembly could be of real significance, 1968 'Study of Parliament Group', contains papers examining the structure, mechanisms, and remodeling of Government in Scotland, 1970 'The Scottish Constitutional Committee (S.C.C.) Drafts of Final Report', folder contains 11 revised draft reports and the final 'Report of the Scottish Constitutional Committee' all relating to various models a Scottish Government could take from such as federalism, an assembly, decentralisation and some notes on Scotland's economy, n.d. 'Government of Scotland Policy Group', contains examinations of 'Scottish Executive Functions', 'Devolution of functions', and 'Electing the Assembly', amongst other topics, 1968-1970 'Government of Scotland Policy Group: Report to the Constitutional Committee', contains a fuller consideration of the 'Stormont Model', and suggestions for refoming the mechanism of Scottish Government, 1968 'Government of Scotland Policy Group: Study of Parliament Group', contains various papers, as well as handwritten notes discussing the possible model of Scottish government, 1968-1970 'Study of Parliament Group: Berridge, J.S', contains papers that explore the concepts of both Grand Committes and 'regionalism' in Scotland, 1969-1970

Newspaper cuttings and briefing papers

The Scotsman', folder containing The Scotsman newspaper clips relating to Scottish devolution, 1968. Letter to Berridge, envelope contains Scottish Constitutional Committee minutes, 1969-1970. 'Policy Group on the Government of Scotland notes', folder contains Scottish Policy Advisory Committee conclusions surrounding machinery of government and other notes on machinery of government, n.d. 'The Study of Parliament Group: Grand Committees and Regionalism', paper by J.S. Berridge, 1970. 'Table A: Table Showing Party Representation in Scotland', 1945-1970. 'Scottish Grand - Bills and Sittings', 1962-1970. '1st Scottish Standing Committee', list of meetings attendances and topics, 1968-1970. 'Scottish MPs and the Machinery of Scottish Government', paper by J.S. Berridge, 1969. 'Various Interpretations of the Regional Concept', table of regions and information about them, n.d. Two copies of: 'The Study of Parliament Group', joint paper by Berridge and James Kellas regarding possible Parliamentary reforms, 1970. 'Scottish Grand: Sittings', meeting reports for Scottish Grand, 1966-1970. 'S.C.U.A. Policy Committee on the Machinery of Government in Scotland', paper on the machinery of government in Scotland, n.d. 'Mr J. F. Berridge', folder contains Scottish Constitutional Committee briefing papers, 1968-1970. 'Scottish Constitutional Committee CTTEE Submissions', folder contains papers on the economics of a Scottish Government, opposition to a Scottish Government, memorandums by various professors, 1968.

Proposals for Government of Scotland

Our Changing Democracy: Devolution to Scotland and Wales', booklet, J.S.B 1975 Typed notes on the emergence of the Shadow Cabinet and the set-up of Scottish Constitutional Committee, n.d 'Government of Scotland Policy Group: First Report to the Constitutional Committee', J.S.B 1968 Notes on strategies and political parties, n.d 'Government of Scotland Policy Group: Devolution of some functions of certain Great Britain Ministries to Scottish Ministries or Sub-ministries', J.S.B 1968 'Preliminary Report on the Devolution of Government Departments': by the Government of Scotland Policy Group; J.S.B, K. Hampson, J.T. Ward 1968 'Machinery of Government: Scotland', Notes by Sir William McEwan Younger, 1969 'Electing the Assembly', notes on methods of electing a Scottish Parliament, J.S.B 1969 'Outline of Proposal for a Scottish Assembly', handwritten notes, c 1964 'Government of Scotland Policy Group; Scottish Executive Functions', J.S.B 1968 'Functions of Parliament', handwritten notes, c 1967 'Introduction (to policy)' for Scottish parliament, mix of handwritten and typed notes, 1968 'Government of Scotland Policy Group: Interim Report', n.d 'The Scottish Assembly: Financial Power'; notes on a Scottish government's financial powers, 1967 General notes on Scottish Parliament; membership, administration, c 1967 'Government of Scotland Policy Group: Notes', c 1967 Notes on the Proposal for Scottish Assembly, 1968 10 bullet points across two pages, concerning issues for Scottish devolution, n.d Chapters: 'The Nature of the Malaise', 'General Principles', 'The Implications of the General Principles', 'Possible Structure' c 1967 Notes on 'the Bill' for Scotland, c 1964 'Scheme for Scottish Assembly' and 'Proposals for a reform of the Governmental structure in Scotland' by J.S.B for the Government of Scotland Policy Group, c 1968-1970 'Government of Scotland Policy Group: The Scottish Assembly; Disputed Legislation', J.S.B, January 1969 Notes on 'Independence' and federalism for the UK, n.d 'Government of Scotland Policy Group: Electing the Assembly' notes, c 1965 'Government of Scotland Policy Group: The Scottish Assembly; Function and Methods of Elections', n.d - 'Scottish Assembly & Executive Council: Diagram of Origins & Line of Control' and 'General Principles Governing our Recommendation', 1968 General notes on bill, n.d 'Devolution Committee: Meetings, Documents & Papers, Submissions, Malcom Rifkind's committee, Press Castings and Releases, and Research Material', folder including correspondence between committee members, meeting minutes, policy papers, 1962-1975 'Devolution' and 'Campaign for a Scottish Assembly', 1985 'Conference on Devolution 1920; Scotland Act 1988; Scottish Const. Convention 1989', folder containing 'Scottish Constitution Convention' notes, 1989-1992, 'Scotland Act', 1998, and 'Conference on Devolution' notes from 1920 'Government of Scotland Policy Group: Articles and Book references', folder containing newspaper articles and booklets on select committees and devolution, 1963-1968

Reports and newspaper cuttings

Scotland Votes, General Election', by Ian Clark, and John Berridge. An analysis of voting and election patterns, including UK and regional statistics, candidates, and election results, prepared for a predicton of the 1997 election outcomes, 1998 'Scotland Votes, General Election', by Ian Clark, and John Berridge. An analysis of voting and election patterns, including Scottish statistics covering the dates 1987-1992; candidates, and election results, prepared by the University of Dundee to predict the outcome of the 1992 election outcomes. Includes correspondence from Tony Benn, MP, 1991 and 1992. 'Scottish Constitutional CTTE'. Folder containing various handwritten notes, as well as legitimate statistics concerning the machinery of the developing Scottish Government. Includes topics such as 'Scottish Legislation from 1945', 'Table Showing Party Representation in Scotland', and 'Various Interpretations of the Regional Concept', 1945-70 'Standing Committees (Misc. Papers)'. Folder mostly containing handwritten notes calculating the number of seats necessary in Government and Parliament for cities like Glasgow, Edinburgh, and Aberdeen, 1970-1976 'Devolution Slides & Notes', folder contains newspaper articles from papers such as 'Newsletter of Scotland', and 'the Times' where the topic of devolution was being discussed. Additionally, the folder contains notes of the possible structure of the 'Scottish Assembly', 1948-1978 'Notes on Various Countries'. Folder containing notes on the structure of Government of other countries, such as New Zealand, Australia, and France. Also, it adresses how other countries like Holland and Germany, use different methods of raising finance, 1972-1974 'Releases Relating to Declaration of Perth', this folder analyses the contemporary structure of the Scottish Government in order to understand how Scotland was being governed and represented. It also contains speeches, most notably of the opposition in the form of the Conservative Party and Eward Heath, 1968 'Study Group: Government of Scotland', folder containing newspaper articles from the 'Northern Ireland Legal Quarterly', as well as various other articles discussing 'Swedish Legislation on Local Administration'. Also contains feedback sheet from people such as Alex Fletcher, 1967-68 'Press Cuttings, Constitutional Committee', folder containing newspaper cuttouts from papers like 'the Guardian', and 'the Scotsman' in the year 1970. Folder also contains an email from J.T Ward reporting that several journals have commented on a report sent by the Scottish Consitutional Committee, 1970-1972 'Newspaper Cuttings', folder contains newspaper cutting about the Scottish Assembly in the year 1970. Additionally, many of the newspaper cutouts concern the Conservative Government's debate whether or not to pass voting reform as reported by journals such as 'the Scotsman', 'the Daily Express', and 'the Guardian', 1970-1976 'Newspaper Cuttings', contains several newspapers like 'the Guardian', 'the Scotsman', 'the Glasgow Herald', 'Daily Record', 'the Scottish Daily Express' etc., report the development concerning the story of the Home Rule Bill, 1970

Reports and research

SCC: Rough Notes at Meetings', folder contains notes on Scottish electoral reform and financial concerns of a Scottish Assembly, 1969-70 'Scottish Convention', envelope contains 'A Claim of Right for Scotland', 1988, a call for change to government in Scotland. In addition, 'Final Draft of Key Elements of Proposals for Scottish Parliament', 1990, tells of the issues with the structure of government and proposes changes. 1988-1990. 'Devolution', folder contains documents on devolution from The Scottish Council Development (1976) and Industry and Scottish Conservative and Unionist Central Office as well as notes on Northern Ireland, England and Wales and how calls for devolution increased. In addition, there are electorate results and analysis and two editions of 'New Scotland', 1969. 1966-1976. 'Central Office: Conservative Research Department', folder includes papers on local government reform and proposals from the Government of Scotland Policy Group, 1968. 'Scottish Constitutional CTTEE Documents', folder contains newspaper articles on Scottish constitution and papers on the Scottish Assembly, 1969. 'Various Papers: Research for Devolution', folder includes analysis on Scottish legislation and MPs, 1966-1970. 'Scottish Constitutional CTTEE: Minutes & Agendas', folder contains minutes and agendas from Scottish Constitutional Committee meetings, 1968. 'Study of Parliament Group', folder contains information on devolution and voting systems in various other countries, 1974-1975. 'Devolution 2', folder containing Government of Scotland Policy Group notes on proposals for devolution and letters corresponding to this. In addition, similar proposals from the Scottish Conservative and Unionist Central Office and the Scottish Constitutional Committee, 1963-1971. 'Devolution 3', folder contains different considerations of what is to come of Scottish Government by Government of Scotland Policy Group including elections of the assembly, the set up of it, and what they predict the 'machinery' of government will be, 1967-1975. 'Devolution 4'. folder contains election results containing devolution and 'Submission to the Commission on the Constitution' by Scottish Chamber of Commerce as a result, 1967-1974.