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Robert Cochrane Buist, Lecturer in Midwifery and Gynaecology, University College, Dundee
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A Forfar Case in 1728'.

R.C. Buist's Presidential Address to the Forfarshire Medical Association. 22 June 1927. [Transcript] [2pp] Reports of the Annual Meeting of the Forfarshire Medical Association. 1922-1923, 1926-1927. Includes lists of members, office bearers, 1858-1921, and Rules of the Association adopted 1913. 1921-1931. [Printed] Also includes note: "Early Records" of Forfarshire Medical Association by J.W. Miller. n.d.

Cards containing extracts from books and pamphlets

With notes and newspaper cuttings relating to genealogy or medical history c.1600-1924. Also includes: Letter, 27 January 1934, London, [Huibarlow] to [Robert Cochrane Buist]. Concerns his note on David Beaton and a correction to the roll of the Royal College of Physicians. Letter, 4 July 1911, Dundee, A.D. Stevenson, bookbinders, to Dr M. Gillerray. Concerns the roll of the College of Physicians. Photograph of a drawing by Henry Harwood of James Lothian, Surgeon-dentist, Dundee (died 1870), D. & S. Prophet, Dundee. Letter, n.d., London, Gorchison Wright to [Robert Cochrane Buist]. Asks for help with medical references. Menu card for the 52nd Annual Meeting of the Forfarshire Medical Association 1910. Notes on the Dundee Medical Club. n.d.
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