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Edith Philip Smith, F.R.S.E., Lecturer in Botany
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Edith Philip Smith, F.R.S.E., Lecturer in Botany

  • UR-SF 12
  • Collection
  • 1926-1960
E.P. Smith's notes dealing with botanical research work and teaching, with particular reference to Quercus (the oak); Tilia; Acer; and Platanus. Manuscript and typescript, with illustrations. c.1927-1951 Items concerning scientific expedition sent out by University College, Dundee, to island of South Rona in July 1933. E.P. Smith, Botanist and co-leader. [See also UR-SF 2/2/1(8) and Recs A/649/92]

Edith Philip Smith

Folder containing:notes and articles relating to botanical research work

"Record of Anatomical Material (mainly continuous stiles)". Experimental results on Tilia, 11/4/39. List of slides. Drawings: "Tilia series through opening bud. Fixed Bouin 20/4/39"; "Tilia series through dormant bud (June)"; wide variety of plant cross-sections. "Stelar Survey: Hutchinson's System (Dicots)", (with newspaper clipping: "How Martin slew the Serpent", 1 February 1940). 'Anatomy References and Literature'. Includes notes taken from articles and drawings, largely to do with Quercus. After 1941. 'Stelar Development Drawings': microscope drawings of cells, with notes taken from article "Anatomy of the node in Angiosperms" by E.W. Sinnot, Am. J. Bot. I, 1914. Also includes: 'Index of Hutchinson's Families'; Graphs; microscope drawings; cross sections, etc. of wide variety of plants. Notes on differentiation. "Acer-inner aspect of node"; Betula; Delphinium; Linaria; Ulmus; Veronica; Vinca minor.

Geology, Rona, etc.' Maps, etc.

Vegetation map of South Rona: scale 2" to one mile. Large-scale map of Rona, with disused field patterns. Small map of Rona by Baird of Glasgow. Blockmakers' proofs of illustrations for articles on Rona. Newspaper clipping: "Discoveries on Isle of Rona: Story of Dundee Expedition". 5 February 1934. [Map of Montreux-Vevey].

Items formerly in folder marked 'Quercus etc. Rough drawing finished drawing'. Botanical notes and illustrations; notes on growth and form. n.d.

Including: Nodal Structure of Quercus' (giving very detailed description of the structure of the oak); 'Nodal Structure of Tilia'; 'Nodal Structure of Platanus'; and 'Nodal Structure of Acer'; with 'List of Illustrations' (not present) of structures of stem and leaf and of propagation of a wide variety of plants. [Typescript] 'Quercus': notes, references and raw data on Quercus (the oak); with cross sections, lateral sections, nodal plans, and descriptions of how the plant grows. n.d. 'Acer': white folder containing description of growth of Acer pseudoplatamus, with the emphasis on nodal structure; lateral and cross sections of Acer. 'Platanus': white folder with notes and illustrations of growth and form of Platanus. 'Tilia': white folder with notes and illustrations of growth and form, with manuscript of 'Nodal Structure of Tilia'. 'Vascular Anatomy of Tropaeolum Majus L.'; I-General Anatomy; II-Histology. Nodal structure. After 1951. [Typescript]