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Murray Royal Asylum Sub-series
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Photograph album

Contains photographs of patients, singly and in groups, of some staff, of ears, death masks and of the Asylum building. Some annotations identifying subjects, 1860-1862. Also contains copies of Dr Wm C McIntosh, 'Notes on the ears of the insane', 1862 and Mike Barfoot and A.D. Morrison-Low, 'W.C. M'Intosh and A.J. Macfarlane: Early Clinical Photography in Scotland', History of Photography, 23:3, pp 199-210 (2015)

5 slides of East Asian scenes

5 slides of east asian scenes including a boy sitting at a house window, a river view from a boat, a house on the river, a river scene with bridge and a monument gate

7 slides of East Asian scenes

7 slides with images including river houses, a factory on the river, boat on riverbak, closer up of river houses, two men outside, a house with a large garden and a temple

6 slides of East Asian scenes

6 slides with images of a river house, a river house with large tree, decorated boats on the river, men with horses, and a nicolay buch store

7 slides of medical images

7 slides with images of test tubes of saliva bacteria, test tubes of faecial bacteria, and graphs of chronic mania confusion levels

20 slides of comical cartoons

20 slides of images including 12 showing a scence with two men, a tiger and a barrel and 8 showing countryside animals dressed up or acting as human
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