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Comic Studies

  • RU 969
  • Collection
  • 2004-2019
For the University/ Universe Publishing Collection
/1 "Cosmic" advertisement by Erin Keepers and Letty Wilson
/2 Thumbnail for the Rank Report Comic by Chris Murray
/3 DeeCap comics/art/performance advert, 2017
/4 Advertisement for "Bantha 6" by Phillip Vaughan and Rossi Gifford
/5 Cover proof for Chris Murray's "Tales of the Universe"
/6 Cover proof of UniVerse "Anthology Four"
/7 Advert for Dundee Uni Postgraduate conference 2004, cover art by Anna Snaddon
/8 Postcard with image of woman holding knees by Letty Wilson 2015 via Panels Comics Publishing
/9 Advertisement for Comic, Manga, & Co with the Matthew Gallery in DJCAD. Cover image of Johnny Cash by Reinhard Kleist 2006. Should contact artist before using image
/10 Postcard with "Studies in Comics" journal on the front with a call for papers and more information on the back
/11 Pamphlet advertising the MLitt in Comics Studies at Dundee Uni with cover image by Lyall Bruce
/12 Poster advertising Chris Murray's talk at the McManus Art Gallery 2016 titled "Creating Comics: A Celebration of H.G. Wells" with an image by Norrie Millar
/13 Spirit Leaves bookmark
/14 Frankenstein Bonus Chapter postcard with art by Tom Gauld
/15 University of Dundee "Comics and Graphic Novels Masters" pamphlet, 2016
/16 Comic "Comics and Graphic Novels Masters" 2015
/17 Proof for "Mary Shelley's Dundee or Frankenstein Begins" comic by Chris Murray, Norrie Millar, and Phillip Vaughan 2015
/18 Proof for "Mary Shelley's Dundee or Frankenstein Begins" comic by Chris Murray, Norrie Millar, and Phillip Vaughan 2015 with red ink marks inside
/19 Thumbnails for Chris Murray's War of the Worlds Comic with Norrie Millar (2pp)
/20 Comic proof of Chris Murray's "Alpha"2016
/21 Chris Murray's Initial Thumbnails/ Concept Design for SciFi Master's Animation (Dundee Uni) with pamphlet for the Science Fiction Masters 2016 with Art by Norrie Millar, and further concept art by the animator (3 items)
/22 Matthew Jarron's Thumbnails and notes for the D'Arcy Thompson Comic
/23 Spirit Leaves comic (2015) Universe, DC Thomson collaboration
/24 Graphic Design in British Comics: Logos, Lettering and Legacy... Interview with Dave Gibbons Comics Arts Conference Poster Session 2016 (2016) UniVerse, comic adaptation of Phil Vaughan's interview with Dave Gibbons
/25 Tales of the Universe! No. 1 (2013) UniVerse Comics, published as a result of the Dundee Comics Prize, printed by UK Comics Creative picked up by Hailey Austin at the Public Information Comics Symposium 27/07/2018
/26 "Comics and Graphic Novels Masters: MLitt & MDes in Comics & Graphic Novels" pamphlet (2017) UniVerse; information on the courses
/27 "Batman Danny" comic by Megan Sinclair, Danny Braithwaite and Elliot Balson (2017) UniVerse and InkPot; graphic medicine
/28 "Fibromyalgia and Us: Living with Fibromyalgia" comic Divya Jindal-Snape and others (2017) UniVerse, InkPot, Dundee Comics Creative Space; public information comic that has been downloaded over 16,000 times
/29 "Dundee Decides: #Engage Dundee" comic Chris Murray and Phil Vaughan with Catroina Laird, Norrie Millar, and Rebecca Horner (2018) UniVerse, InkPot, DCCS, Dundee City Council; information comic on where local funds should go
/30 "Transformations: The D'Arcy Thompson Comic" (2017) UniVerse, InkPot, and University of Dundee Museum Services
/31 "Closure" comic by Laura Findlay and Zu Dominiak (2017) InkPot; Dr. Laura Findlay's dissertation comic, information on trauma and Art Spiegelman.
/32 "Archives as Memory" comic by Golnar Nabizadeh and Catroina Laird (2018) UniVerse and Inkpot, CAIS, DCCS; made for the CAIS archive conference
/33 Humanities Undergraduate Conference 2018: New Voices in Humanities comic leaflet by Julia Holderer and Catriona Laird (2018)
/34 "Understanding Evidence #1: DNA"comic by Chris Murray, Phil Vaughan, Letty Wilson, Professor Dame Sue Black, Niamh Ni Daeid (reprinted in 2018); public information comic to be used in court to describe DNA evidence in association with CAHID
/35 "Graphic Justice Research Alliance" poster by Thomas Giddens, Laura Findlay, Golnar Nabizadeh, and Gary Welsh (2017) separate on shelf
/36 "Close to the Heart" comic by Megan Sinclair, Gary Welsh, Letty Wilson, Elliot Balson, Catriona Laird, Andrew STrachan, Dave Charloton, Monty Nero, Anna Coughlan, Ashling Larkin, Kathryn Briggs, UniVerse and Inkpot, 2018
/37 " Glyconic physchogeography: the day I accidentally stalked Alan moore" by Chris Murray, art & production by Zu Dominiak, ed. by Philip Vaughan and Golnar Nabizadeh, Inkpot, 2018
/38 "Superhuman Futures" by Chris Murray, Elliot Balson, Ctriona Larid & Eve Greenwood, Universe and Inkpot, 2018.
/39 "Dundee Comics Comic" by David Robertson, No. 1, October 2018
/40 Anthology Five Issue 5 (2015) UnivVerse, published work of the students in the comics undergrad modules and the MLitt in Comic Studies, printed by Bell & Bain Glasgow
/41 Anthology Seven Issue 7 (2017) UniVerse, published work of the comics module, printed by Comics Printing UK
/42 The Masters of UniVerse Vol. 1 (2018) UniVerse, published work of the Masters of Literature in Comics and Graphic Novels and the Masters of Literature in Comics and Graphic Novels, printed by Comic Printing UK
/43 Anthology Eight Issue 8 (2018) UniVerse, published work of the comics module at DJCAD
/45 'Universe Presents Mary Shelley's Frankenstein: The Dundee Edition', edited by Daniel Cook (2018) book with comics illustrations. Made for the 100 year anniversary of Frankenstein and the Being Human Festival. Written in Dundonian Scots.
/46 'Frankenstein's Dundee' comic Universe (2019) created for same event
/47 'The Big Sheep: A Philip Merlot Thriller' comic by Hailey Austin and Catriona Laird (2019) developed for the film noir course.
/48 The Brittle Bone Society: Celebrating 50 years (2019) Margaret Grant MBE
/49 Chronicle, The Archive & Museum Anthology (2018) produced by Hailey Austin
/50 Glyconic psychogeography (2018) Chris Murray and Zu Dominiak (2018)
/51 Superhuman Futures (2018) Chris Murray, Elliot Balson, Catriona Laird and Eve Greenwood
/52 Dundee Comics Comic, No. 1 (October 2018) David Robertson
/53 Comics and Graphic Novels Masters, MLitt & MDes course booklet, 2018;
/54 [4] different badges with characters wearing t-shirts bearing the University logo.
/55 Dave Gibbons on Lettering; an interview with Dave Gibbons (2018) Philip Vaughan. The interview took place in 2016 and the comic was published by UniVerse, University of Dundee
/56 Retro, Vol 1. no. 1, (2018) published by UniVerse, University of Dundee Chris Murray
/57 Retro Inactive, Vol 1, no. 1, (2018) featuring Alpha and Alpha Girl, published by UniVerse, University of Dundee Chris Murray
/58 Guillotine by Dave Charlton, (2018) published by Comicsopolis, Dundee, July 2018. Comicsopolis is a new University Imprint for creators outside of the University.
/59 'Frankenstein Returns' (2018) Universe Horror One-shot
/60 Public Information Comics (2019) Golnar Nabizadeh, Chris Murray, Letty Wilson
/61 'Great War Dundee', Special Collectors Limited Edition, UniVerse comic, 2019
/62 'Future Null Infinity', Jaime Babb and Norrie Millar, edited by Chris Murray, 2019

Phil Vaughan; Chris Murray

Comics Collection

  • MS 340
  • Collection
  • 1895-2016
This is a collection of comic books, annuals, scripts, and books on comics gifted by various locals. It spans from Punch magazine in 1895 to modern single issue UK comics like 2000 AD and the Beano. While they are mostly English language comics, there are European language comics as well. Still to catalogue: 2000 AD (1978-1990, issues 39, 45, 49-54, 56-71, 73, 84-676); Donated by Douglas Noble, 2000 AD No's 676-780; 782-791; 795-849; 850-988; 990-999; 1000-1009; 1011-1024; 1026-1031; 1033-1034; 1041-1059; 1061-1067; 1069-1113; 1115-1201. Judge Dredd Law Man of the Future, No. 1; Judge Dredd Vol. 1 No. 2-20; Vol 2. No. 1-83; Vol. 3. No. 2; 4-7; 9-12; 14; 19-20; 22-23; 28; 34; Vol. 5 No. 248; 253; 267; 269; 270; 272; 274; 277; 282; 284-285; 287-288; 290; 292; 294-296; 298-300 (1990s-2000s). Donated by DC Thomson (Commando Office) and Scott Montgomery, 2000 AD 1210-1224; 1330-1331; 1337-1344; 1475-1481; 1494; 1499; 1500-1525; 1527-1545; 1549; 1551-1553; 1555-1592; 1600-1615; 1617-1622; 1624-1626; 1628-1640; 1643; 1645-1652; 1654-1664; 1666-1671; 1673-1677; 1679-1689; 1692; 1700; 1702-1706. (2000s) Box of Commandos and Box of Dandy and Jackie comics.

David Fickling Comics

  • MS 443
  • Collection
  • 2008-2009
All published by David Fickling Books /1-30 David Fickling Comic, Issues 1-30, 2008 /31-43 David Fickling Comic, Issues 31-43, 2009

David Fickling Comics Ltd

Ewan Dobie Children's Comics

  • MS 444
  • Collection
  • 1985-1996
Draft list MS 444/1 The Beano No. 2740, January 21st 1995 MS 444/2-4 Disney's Big Time Comic Nos. 2-3, n.d. MS 444/5-34 Disney's Big Time Comic Nos. 5-37 [with gaps] n.d. MS 444/35 Bugs Bunny No. 28 August 1994 MS 444/36 Bugs Bunny No. 36 April 1995 MS 444/37 Danger Mouse Annual 1985 MS 444/38 Disney & Me Issue 1 April 1991 MS 444/39 Disney and Me Issue 70 8 July 1994 MS 444/40 Disney and Me Issue 120 7 June 1996 MS 444/41 Disney and Me Issue 128 1 October 1996 MS 444/42 Disney's The Lion King: A Nature Fun and Learn Series No. 3 c 1995 MS 444/43 Disney's The Lion King: A Nature Fun and Learn Series No. 10 c 1995 MS 444/44 Disney's The Lion King: A Nature Fun and Learn Series No. 11 c 1995 MS 444/45 Disney's Mickey and Friends No. 40 1994 MS 444/46 Pingu Magazine Issue 14. c1994 MS 444/47 Tom & Jerry No. 3 June 1994 MS 444/48 Tom & Jerry No. 11 February 1995 MS 444/49 The Trolls Magazine No. 46 1994 MS 444/50 The Trolls Magazine No. 47 1994 MS 444/51-180 Farthing Wood Friends Nos. 1-130, 1993-1995 MS 444/181-182 Farthing Wood Friends Holiday Specials Nos. 2-3, 1994

Ewan Dobie

Laing Comics Collection

  • MS 447
  • Collection
  • 1941-1955
A wide variety of Dell Comics and comics published by the Gilbertson Company. The Dell comics include western, Disney, and Looney Toons titles. The Gilbertson Company published Classics Illustrated and Classic Comics, based on classic literature.

Laing family

Mark Rodgers and Oink!

  • MS 341
  • Collection
  • c 1988 - 1993
Material created by Mark Rogers including outlines of storylines and sketches for comic strips; correspondence relating to these and some plays.

Mark Rogers

Norma Starszakowna papers

  • UR-SF 86
  • Collection
  • 1983 - 2019
Cuttings from newspapers and other publications, Prospectii , Curriculum Vitae, and correspondence relating to Norma Starszakowna, her career as a Textile Designer, her involvement with Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art and the work of students.

Pete Hill Comics Collection

  • MS 445
  • Collection
  • 1948-1976
Contains royal wedding, coronation and Madame Tussauds souvenir programmes with Dandy, Victor and other annuals as well as books on railways and ships

Pete Hill

Simon Belmont Comics

  • MS 446
  • Collection
  • 1950-1991
A selection of science fiction and war comics from the UK including 2000AD, The Eagle, and Warlord.

Simon Belmont