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Bert Barnett

  • Person
  • fl 1964-
Bert Barnett studied architecture at the Art College, Dundee, from 1964-1970, repeating years two and five of his course. Bert has spent most of his career as an architectural assistant, working with Ric Russell, partner in Nicoll Russell architects, who features in many of the photographs, and with local authorities. Latterly, he worked for an architect's firm in Blairgowrie, Perthshire.
'Sleepy People', the subject of the photographs, were a college band made up of architecture students who played at Art College ' hops'.

Charles Lovatt

  • Person
  • fl 1975-2022
Charles Lovatt was born in Dundee. He studied Economics and Political Science at University of Dundee. While at University he wrote for Annasach student newspaper. Charles also worked for Dundee University Student's Association (DUSA) organising and promoting discos. Following University, Charles set up an audio business installing disco equipment. He then worked as a semi-conductor distributer broker before becoming a Lecturer in the School of Management at University of St Andrews. He is now retired.