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Sabine Price

  • Person
  • 1926-2019
Sabine Price, nee Schweitzer, was born in 1926 in Berlin. Although her maternal grandfather had been chief mayor of Berlin, in 1939 her father was interned in Sachsenhausen concentration camp because his family had been Jewish before converting to Christianity. Luckily he managed to get out and emigrated to England with two of her siblings. But her mother, two other siblings and Sabine were unable to leave before the war started and so the family was separated for seven years. Living as a half-Jewish child under Hilter, she was forced to leave school early, and during the fighting at the end of the war their house was fire-hosed by the Russians and they only just escaped in time. At 18, having lost her home, she witnessed the horrors of the end of the war, but amazingly her family all survived and were later reunited in England. Sabine has written a short piece about what it felt like to be a half-Jewish child at this time; you can read it here:
After art school in England, she became a children's illustrator. She was a great champion of childhood; she had experienced her own childhood incredibly intensely, and I believe that her reassuring, comforting illustrations for children were a reaction to her own family life, fractured as it was by the rise of Hitler and the war. She died aged 93, in 2019.