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Victoria Road Calendering Co

The firm started trading at 60 Victoria Road, Dundee, between 1875 and 1886. It was acquired by A & S Henry & Co Ltd in 1910, who moved their Dundee offices to the Victoria Road premises. In 1953, with the incorporation of A & S Henry & Co (Dundee) Ltd, it became part of that company. Sack making and printing were carried out at the Victoria Road Works.

Victoria Jute Factory Co Ltd

This jute mill company was incorporated in 1883. Building of its mill was halted for about a year during a celebrated land dispute (1884-1886) with the Samnuggur Jute Factory Co Ltd who saw the new mill as a threat to their labour supply. Thomas Duff & Co Ltd took over the agency of the company in 1888. In 1969 the Victoria Jute Factory Co Ltd was merged with the Samnuggur Jute Factory Co Ltd and the Titaghur Jute Factory Co Ltd with the latter as the parent company and the Angus Company Ltd as a subsidiary of the group. In 1976 changes to the articles of association were adopted, reorganising the capital of the Company and transferring its residence to India, effectively passing management and control of the Company from Dundee to Calcutta.

Victor Skretkowicz

Victor Skretkowicz was born in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada on the 26th August 1942. He graduated with a BA from McMaster University, Canada in 1964, an MA from University of New Brunswick, Canada in 1967, and a PhD from University of Southampton in 1974. In 1978 he joined the University of Dundee as Lecturer in English and in 1993 became Senior Lecturer. In 1989 Victor Skretkowicz become Dundee University's representative on the Joint Council for the Dictionary of the Older Scottish Tongue, and in 1992 was elected convenor directing the Edinburgh-based research team creating volumes 9-12 of A Dictionary of the Older Scottish Tongue (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2001- 2002). The Joint Council consisted of representatives from Scotland's oldest universities and was responsible for the financial and intellectual management of the Dictionary of the Older Scottish Tongue. In 2001, a project began to create an electronic version of the Dictionary of the Older Scottish Tongue. The Dictionary of Scots Language was to comprise electronic editions of the two historical dictionaries of the Scots Language: the twelve volumes of the Dictionary of the Older Scottish Tongue, containing information on Scots words from the twelfth century to the end of the seventeenth century (older Scots), and the ten volume Scottish National Dictionary, containing Scots words from 1700 -1970s (modern Scots). The project was based at the University of Dundee and was directed by Dr Victor Skretkowicz. The project was completed in 2004. The Scottish National Dictionary was produced by the Scottish National Dictionary Association (SNDA), now the Scottish Language Dictionaries Limited. The SNDA received an award from the Heritage Lottery Fund to update the dictionary with a new supplement which was made available as part of the Scots Language Dictionary in 2005. The Scots Language Dictionaries Limited is Scotland's lexicographical body for the Scots language. The organisation was formed in 2002 and is responsible for the Dictionary of the Older Scottish tongue, the Scottish National Dictionary and the Dictionary of Scots Language. From 2001-2002 Victor Skretkowicz was member of the Standing Committee leading a proposal for the establishment of an Institute for the Languages of Scotland, overseeing the Feasibility Study, for which a grant was awarded by the Carnegie Trust. The proposed Institute for the Languages of Scotland would serve the Scottish Universities and the nation by co-ordinating and disseminating information on research into all languages of Scotland, past and present. Dr Victor Skretkowicz retired from the English Department in October 2007. He died on July 22, 2009.


In 1931 there were 460 raspberry holdings in Angus and Perthshire. Historically, raspberry production in Scotland has been for processing through preservation as pulp for jam manufacture, canning or freezing.


John Bowes was a preacher from Liverpool. In 1840 he was the subject of a complaint by the Superintendent of Police, Dundee and fined one shilling for 'haranguing' people and causing an obstruction.

University Of Dundee, Medical Illustration

  • Corporate body
  • fl 1960s-
Medical Illustration was responsible for photographing the Medical School and its activites. In 2016 the department transferred from the Medical School to Ninewells
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