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Anderson-Grice Co. Ltd

Anderson-Grice Co. Ltd was founded by George Anderson, the owner of the Arbroath Foundry in Dickfield Street, Arbroath. Anderson's main products related to quarrying which was a major industry in Angus at this time. In around 1886, Anderson began to relocate his business Carnoustie. The new premises were the former Taymouth Linen Works, a larger site and one which was located next to the Dundee and Arbroath Joint Railway. The move was completed by 1898. In 1902 Arthur Grice became a partner in the company. The main products of the company were varieties of cutting machinery, but they also produced a variety of other mechanical devices including cranes and the Dalhousie motor car (1906 to 1910)

Andrew McLaren Carstairs

Andrew McLaren Carstairs was born in India, the son of a missionary, and was educated at George Watson's College and St Andrews University from where he graduated with a first in History and Economics. During the Second World War he worked with British military intelligence, then in 1948 was appointed to a lectureship in Political Economy at St Andrews University. From 1951 until 1965 he lectured in Economic History and then moved to what was then Queen's College Dundee where he was to become Senior Lecturer in Economic History. His research interests included not only economic history but also electoral systems and constitutions. Carstairs was interested in all aspects of University life. He was a sought after chairman for numerous committees and a strong supporter of the rugby club. He retired in 1979 and died in 1990 after a short illness.

Andrew Murray Scott

Andrew Murray Scott is an author, freelance journalist and Scottish National Party councillor, born 1955 in Aberdeen.. He was educated at Dundee High School and Dundee University, where he graduated with a first in MA English and Modern History. Murray Scott was the winner of the inaugural Dundee International Book Prize in 2000 and has since published several books of fiction and non-fiction.

Andy Forrester

Andy Forrester studied at Glasgow university and graduated with an MA hons in History. He is a historian, TV journalist, and business author, and once stood as a candidate for the Labour party He is also an award-winning producer for the BBC and Channel 4.

Andy Stenhouse

Stenhouse was born in 1954, and was first elected to the Scottish Academy of Art and Architecture in 1987. A friend of Haining, he studied sculpture at Duncan of Jordanston Art College and has been based in Aberdeen then Oxford

Angus Jute Co Ltd

Angus Jute Co Ltd was incorporated in 1913 to carry out the business of a Calcutta jute mill. In 1917 the Angus Engineering Works were established as a repair shop to the Angus Jute works and for the supply of spare parts for machinery used in the jute mills. In 1918 the name The Angus Co Ltd was adopted. The Angus Engineering Works were extended in 1922 and commenced the manufacture of textile machinery and in 1961 they were leased to Braithwaite & Co (India) Ltd. Thomas Duff & Co Ltd were appointed as agents to the company in 1933. In 1969, with the formation of the Titaghur Group of companies, the Angus Company Ltd, with its shares already held by companies within the Group, became a subsidiary of the Titaghur Group.

Angus MacGillivray

Angus MacGillivray, FRSE FSA Scot., was born in 1865 in Abriachan, Invernesshshire. He was educated at Fordyce Academy, and Aberdeen University Between 1889 and 1935 he held varous academic and medical apointments, notably as Lecturer in Ophthalmology at University College, Dundee and founder and surgeon of the Department of Ophthalmology, Dundee Royal Infirmary. MacGillivray died at his home in Crail in 1947

Anna MacDonald

Anna MacDonald was born in Dundee in 1935 and was the eldest of six children. She was educated at Rockwell Primary School and Rockwell Secondary School, Dundee. She worked for a number of companies in Dundee, including Watson and Philip and Burndept-Vidor, and also worked at the University of Dundee, where she was the operator of the first word processer the University used. A prolific and award winning poet, Anna MacDonald has produced several collections of verse, and is also the author of booklets about old Dundee. Much of her poetry relates to Dundee and its culture. Her poem 'Oor Wullie' was widely used in conjunction with the Oor Wullie Bucket Trail in Dundee in 2016 and Oor Wullie's Big Bucket Trail in 2019, while her poem 'Adele Penguin' was been used to promote Maggie's Penguin Parade in Dundee in 2018. Her poetry has also been used in schools and material produced by Verdant Works. She translated the Japanese poem Furusato into English for the Nagano Winter Olympic Games in 1998. Anna MacDonald has also been recognised for her contributions to traditional music, and for many years performed as part of the 'Temperance Two Showband' with her second husband Clifford Inglis, who died in 2018. She is also the author of an unpublished autobiography which gives a frank account of her life and provides an invaluable insight into working class life in twentieth century Dundee. A year before his death, Cliff Ingles wrote his autobiography "I Belonged to Glasgow" which includes some of Anna's poems. Examples of Anna MacDonald's poetry can be found at Cliff Inglis is featured on this podcast from the 2017 Dundee Literary Festival

Anna Milne Mackie

Anna Milne Mackie was born in East Newport in 1902, the daughter of William Ingles, master builder, and his wife Johanna Milne. She attended Newport School and Dundee High School where she was awarded the Harris Gold Medal. Mackie graduated from University College, Dundee with a Second Class Honours degree in mathematics in 1924. She trained as a teacher and taught for many years at Morgan Academy, Dundee where she was latterly Principal Teacher of Mathematics. Mackie died in Dundee Royal Infirmary, 19 December 1973.
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